Mission of the Athletic Department

The mission of the Athletic Department is to create, promote and conduct programs that contribute to the overall development of the students of the American School Foundation of Monterrey, A. C., within a learning setting that leads to human growth, service to the community and the search of excellence in a global environment.


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Athletics Program Modifications and Improvements for 2016-17

These modifications are in a closer alignment with the balance of our Strategic Plan (Academics, Athletics and Arts) and they provide a wider variety of options and opportunities for every student at ASFM. Additionally, the new design allows for an age appropriate learning progression, and preparation for competition according to grade levels.


What is the flexible practice?

The flexible practice means that a coach in any team (developmental or representative) will evaluate the need to schedule an additional practice and communicate with parents at the beginning of the week, provided that all students on the team are committed to attend.

I my child is registered for one sport in Elementary, can she/he practice more than 2 practices a week?

Based on the flexible practice option, coaches in each team will evaluate in a weekly basis the need and possibility of a third practice. If that is the case, coaches will notify parents at the beginning of the week.

Will Flag Football practice take place on a day other than Friday?

Flag Football will take place only on Fridays with an intramural game format. Students will be assigned to teams and rotate with coaches supervision.

Can a student only sign up to Flag Football?

No. In order to participate in Flag Football students must be registered to a sport in the Athletics programs and fulfill their required days of practice.

Why is the school moving to a flexible athletics schedule that allows for multiple sports?

According to the National Alliance for Youth Sports, 70 percent of kids quit organized sportsby the age of 13 — a problem that seems to be only getting worse. Sports are “just not fun” for a lot of these kids anymore, and may feel as they get older that academics take precedence over sports. What can you do to help keep kids interested in sports?

The biggest reason that kids are quitting sports is they simply are not having fun. Another reason is that the price of playing sports has risen greatly over the years. Travel teams are expensive, and if the kids are not 100 percent committed to playing, parents do not want to pay for it.

Another issue is that many kids are being told to choose one sport — and only one sport — at a younger and younger age. No longer are kids playing a different sport during every season, causing kids to become burned out at a younger age.


Here's to the school that we honor,
Here's to the school that we love.
May she forever be remembered
For courage, faith, and truth. Rah, Rah, Rah!
Sing to her glory you students,
For the future years to come,
We will always fight for the red and white
As we cheer for the American School. Hurrah!

Why do you play sports?

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