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About ASFM

The American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM), founded in 1928  on a 212,000 square meter campus, is an inclusive and diverse community offering an academically rigorous university preparatory program aligned with American independent school curricular expectations. ASFM is rooted in a legacy of academic and personal excellence with a vision of ensuring that every child exceeds their personal goals.

ASFM is a private, secular, non-profit, Nursery through 12th grade, college-preparatory, U.S.-accredited, co-educational institution, which offers both a Mexican and U.S. High School Diploma that serves the local and international population.

Mission Statement

The American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) fosters open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership within the entire school community. ASFM Serves a diverse population and prepares all students through an innovative, inclusive and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling students to achieve their individual potential in citizenship academics, athletics, and the arts. As the school looks to navigate the ever changing landscape of an exceedingly complicated world, the call to action of Take Responsibility, Meet Expectations and Go Beyond propels the community forward.

Inclusion and Diversity

ASFM agrees to support the initiative to create an open, safe and caring school environment based on respect for all members of the school community and all human beings.

The community agrees to support and respect the values of equity and diversity and avoid the detrimental effects of any form of discrimination, be it based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, physical characteristics, abilities, talents, socioeconomic status, culture, or language.


Meet our Superintendent

Mr. George Stewart

Starting at an early age George Stewart began exploring Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world with his parents. With sojourns in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico City and many other destinations in the Spanish-speaking world George and his brother accompanied their parents on their adventures related to their work at Dartmouth College. These experiences culminated in 1970 with a three year expedition where George’s family drove their Toyota Landcruiser from Hanover, NH to Tierra del Fuego and back. Following his intrepid parents to the end of the southern cone and back left him with not only a love for the Spanish language but also for cultural and geographical exploration, along with with a strong career interest in the Spanish-speaking world. Through these travel experiences George grew a fundamental sensitivity to the fact that there are many of ways of thinking, learning, living, and responding and while they may not be familiar, they may also be right.

After graduating from Bates College and then graduate school at Middlebury College and Columbia University, George started his career in education.  An experienced teacher and administrator, George taught Spanish and History at the Harvard/Westlake School in Los Angeles where he also coached soccer (his favorite sport and a life-long passion). At Trinity-Pawling School in New York, in addition to teaching and coaching, he assumed the post of Director of Studies. In 1999, George and his family moved to Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts where he started a new role as Chair of the Language Department. In addition to his teaching, coaching, and administrative responsibilities, George also launched the school’s center for experiential learning where he created summer travel and student exchange programs for students at Middlesex and other surrounding schools.

Inspired to further pursue his work building experiential learning programs, George left the traditional school setting to be the Head of Product Innovation at EF, Education First, an international education company. After 8 years leading EF’s programming for European and Latin American Markets, George stepped into a position at the company as the founding Head of EF Academy where he launched new independent school campuses in New York and California. He led EF’s Academy division for 4 years, before moving to Monterrey (Mexico) to become the Head of School of the American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM).   

George serves on several boards and has been a longtime trustee of the Trinity-Pawling School in New York. He is active in the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), serves on the Board of the American Schools of Mexico (ASOMEX) as well as continues as an advisor to the National Association of Independent schools (NAIS) in the U.S.

George’s educational path is a combination of the traditional and non-traditional. He spent many of his elementary school years in various Spanish-speaking schools in Mexico, Central and South America and yet his path to leadership positions has been in strong traditional schools in New England. If there is one lesson above all others that George takes away from his career journey is a core belief that all students can learn, all students can improve and that all successful schools must be committed to continuous improvement. As ASFM ventures deep into the 21st century, George is excited to help forge more personalized pathways for students. Students must feel empowered to personalize their learning and teachers must feel confident in their ability to be strong strategists in guiding students towards their goals. Learning is social and the best learning relationship is through a strong collaboration between students and teachers and school and parents.


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I’ve been thinking about when an action you must do eventually becomes routine. At what point does an activity or regular function stop taking up cognitive space in your brain? I wonder.

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AI, Intelligent?

Welcome back to school! I’ve been thinking about what trends might be the most impactful in education. I read Klara and the Sun over the holidays.

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Time for Reflection

Are you ready for vacation? We are. Many teachers and the administration team like to make fun of the fact that I frequently find ways of inserting my favorite quote from Cicero, “Gratitude is not only the first of the virtues but the parent of all the others.”


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La Copa

This weekend I’m off to Atlanta for a teacher hiring fair, and as we enter the cycle of hiring for the next school year, I’m mindful and appreciative of the hard work that our current teachers are doing to bring new and improved learning experiences to our students.

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