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About ASFM

ASFM is a N-12 international, private school built on a 212,000 square meter campus that has served more than 12,000 students since its foundation in 1928. Throughout the history of the school, ASFM and its community have thrived for excellence and have placed its students and their learning on the forefront at all times.

Mission Statement

The American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) fosters open minds, caring hearts, and global leadership within the entire school community. ASFM Serves a diverse population and prepares all students through an innovative, inclusive and intensive program focused on engaging and enabling students to achieve their individual potential in citizenship academics, athletics, and the arts. As the school looks to navigate the ever changing landscape of an exceedingly complicated world, the call to action of Take Responsibility, Meet Expectations and Go Beyond propels the community forward.

Identity Statement

ASFM is a private, secular, non-profit, Nursery through 12th grade, college-preparatory, U.S.-accredited, co-educational institution, which offers both a Mexican and U.S. High School Diploma that serves the local and international population.

Equity and Diversity Statement

All community members agree to support ASFM's initiative to create an open, safe and caring school environment based on respect for all members of the school community and all human beings.

The community agrees to support and respect the values of equity and diversity and avoid the detrimental effects of any form of discrimination, be it based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, physical characteristics, abilities, talents, socioeconomic status, culture, or language.


The curriculum at ASFM is aligned to the common core with Advanced Placement courses offered in grades 10-12.  The primary language of instruction is English.  Students also receive Spanish language as one of the five core subjects.  Starting in grades 10-12, there are two courses of study.  One leads to the Mexican Bachillerato and the other to a U.S. diploma.  The school is accredited by Cognia and by the state educational authorities in Mexico.  Graduates of the school attend universities and colleges in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.  
ASFM uses a student centered, and authentic curriculum, based on standards based grading, which encourages student curiosity, agency, empathy, and independent personalized learning. In 2019 a social-emotional learning framework was introduced through CASEL competencies
to build skills on mindful practices, understanding new ways to build meaningful relationships and supporting overall student well-being.



We believe in Open Minds, Caring Hearts, and Global Leadership as essentials for a healthy and successful life.  


Meet our Superintendent

Married with 2 children, George Stewart, from Concord, MA, has vast experience as a head of school, teacher, advisor, sports coach and executive overseeing product innovation in the education sector. He attended elementary school in Mexico City and has lived all over Central and South America.

Since 1987, he has been passionate about education beginning at Harvard-Westlake in California, then moving to Trinity-Pawling in New York, then to Middlesex School in Concord, Massachusetts, afterwards to Education First and now to Monterrey, Mexico as Superintendent of ASFM. George holds a BA from Bates College and MA from Middlebury College. He was also a Klingenstein Private School Leadership Fellow at Columbia Teachers College. He is a big sports fan and even continues, every once in a while, to play soccer for his local adult team in Concord.

Culture is the bedrock of highly functioning organizations (regardless of sector). In tumultuous periods when the world accelerates and shifts unexpectedly, a strong institutional culture can be the bedrock that guides decision making and helps everyone feel comfortable and at home. My roadmap to help schools maintain a thriving culture rests on three pillars: Cultivating Empathy, Embracing Diversity, and Fostering Innovation. Read more at Leadership Spotlight blog.

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Two important athletic events happened this past week: Kipchoge recorded, again, the fastest marathon ever in Berlin and Roger Federer retired. Did you happen to see the photo circulating on social media over the weekend?

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Stiff Upper Lip

Have you ever heard the expression “stiff upper lip” or “grin and bear it”? These expressions are a bit old fashioned, but I grew up hearing them from my grandmother.

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Meeting Expectantions & Two Queens

This morning, Thursday, September 9, I fist bumped almost every student as they entered MSHS. “Take responsibility,” this year is about attendance. By 8:30am this morning every student was in the building. Well done! I know the transition back to school is hard, but we can do hard things.

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