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ASFM Board 2022-2023


Dionisio Garza Sada
Eugenio Garza y Garza
Gustavo Romo Serrano
Jesús Carmona Abrego 
Jesús González Porte

Jorge Cárdenas Lozano
José Antonio Fernández Garza
Julie Moreira Ridsdale 
Karin Zambrano Ibarra
Maya Lobo Pérez Maldonado

Miguel Bichara Assad
Patricia Garza Kalifa
Rafael Martínez Rodríguez
Verónica Elizondo Ortiz

Financial Investment Committee

Goals of the Committee:

  • Ensures congruence between the monthly financial reports and the budget.
  • Analyzes and proposes to the board the yearly operational budget and the capital projects.
  • Guarantees endowment fund compliance according with the ASFM investment policy statement.

Auditing Committee

Goals of the Committee:

  • Ensures compliance with all our legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements.
  • Guarantees effective and on-time audits.
  • Reports to the Board all audit findings.
  • Detects and analyzes opportunities for continuous improvement in all school business processes.

Nominations and Governance Committee

Goal of the Committee:

  • Recommends to the board policies and processes designed to provide for effective and efficient governance, including but not limited to policies for:
    • Election and reelection of board members.
    • Board orientation, training and evaluation.
    • Succession planning for the board chair and other board officers.
  • Reviews and recommends a position description detailing responsibilities of and expectations for board members and the board officers.
  • Recommends nominees for election and reelection to the board. To facilitate this responsibility, the committee will:
    • Conduct a “gap analysis” to identify succession planning/recruitment needs.
    • Develop and regularly update a list of potential board members regardless of whether a current vacancy exists.
    • Ensures a process for vetting the fitness of prospective nominees.
  • Nominates board officers for election by the full board.
  • Reviews the corporate bylaws annually and recommending any needed changes to the full board.
  • Advises management on plans for board development, including new member orientation and training of board members.
  • Ensures the board’s self-assessment and improvement process every year.

Compensation Committee

Goals of the Committee:

  • Ensures that reward policies are aligned to the ASFM strategy, philosophy and practice guidelines.
  • Ensures that the organizational design is in line with the strategic intent of the ASFM.
  • Changes to policy governing base pay, incentives, benefit architecture and headcount, should be noted by the Board Compensation Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

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