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News Posting Guidelines


  • The News Posting Request Form is only for the use of the ASFM Staff and ASFM Parents Committees
  • Please make sure anything that will be published is pre-approved by Admin, Team Leaders, supervisor, etc.
  • The Communications team will revise each post before it is published.

Posting announcements

When posting an announcement make sure to include all important details like date, time, and place.

Posting News

  • News posts must be actual, no older than two weeks.
  • Remember to keep your message short, no longer than 120 words, peoples engagement to your news will be more positive.
  • If you need to say a bit more than 120 words in our WeeklyEagle then your message will be divided and people will be asked to click on “Keep Reading” to read the rest of your story.

Long term Campaigns

We should start promoting an upcoming event one month in advance with an awareness banner design. We will build to the complete message two weeks before the event.

Posting Videos

ASFM has its own YouTube Channel. If you wish to post a video please send us your videos and we will post them on our Channel.

Type of Pictures

The best pictures for a news article are group pictures or pictures that say the most about the event. (Ex. If it is a conference, we want to see how many people went so a picture of the audience with the presenter would be great)