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Proud History of the American School Foundation of Monterrey

American School History

In 1928, international companies investing in México were looking for a school with an American curriculum to serve the children of the international families arriving in Monterrey.

Led by the American Consulate,  a group of expatriates decided to open the American School Foundation of Monterrey (ASFM) on September 3, 1928, at 724 Hidalgo Street in Monterrey, México. During the initial year, the Principal and two other teachers were charged with the educational needs of 57 pupils ranging from first grade to tenth grade.

ASFM History

Word spread about the school and its American curriculum. In 1944 the school became a non-profit organization, steadily increasing its enrollment which demanded several location changes. Finally efforts were made to build a campus that could serve an even larger community. The new campus was built on open land and crop fields near Monterrey in the municipality of San Pedro Garza García. The new facility was built and designed for a maximum enrollment of 700, and in 1958, it began its first year with 500 students at 555 Missouri Street.

The school community continued to grow on the Missouri Street campus, and in the mid 80’s the school administration, the Board of Directors and the Founders of the school decided to expand in order to serve more than 2000 students. By 1995, designs for a new campus near the Huasteca Canyon were completed, and construction began for what is known today as the Huasteca Campus.  Classes began on the new site in August, 1996, for students in Middle School and High School while students in Pre-school and grades 1-5 continued to study on the Missouri Street campus.  Finally in 2008, to bring the whole school under one roof again, the construction for the new Elementary building started on the Huasteca campus. ASFM students started classes in a beautiful 212,000 square meter location with state-of-the-art facilities in 2010.

ASFM History

Today, with a yearly enrollment of 2400+ students and faculty from around the world and Mexico, with 30% expats and 70% local teachers. ASFM is a renowned N-12, an international  private school that has served more than 12,000 students over the last 95 years. About 40% of the graduating class attend university in the U.S or other countries, while 60% continue their studies in Mexico.  ASFM encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning, to meet and exceed expectations and always be ready to go beyond.

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90 Years Timeline

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