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ASFM Educational Model

The goal of curriculum design at ASFM is to improve student learning by using current teaching methodologies based on the latest educational research.

In Preschool, we infuse a balanced literacy model for the teaching of reading and writing with play-based learning. Thematic teaching is used to address other areas of the curriculum.

In Elementary, we teach literacy primarily using the balanced literacy model. Mathematics is taught through a developmental approach with spiraling concepts. Content area curriculum is at times integrated into the language units, but otherwise taught as separate subjects. Several science units are taught using an inquiry and hands on approach based on the Foss units.

Within a blended learning environment, our Middle and High School students experience a wide range of learning methodologies including didactic instruction, inquiry, problem and project-based learning, on-line learning, and experiential learning. Our three diploma tracks: Arts & Humanities, STEM, and Mexican Bachillerto provide our learners with choice in their studies as well as exploration of the arts, sciences, mathematics, languages, social studies, physical education and technology. The methods used at the middle and high schools are aligned for the specific content areas, developmental stages, and level of study in each course.

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Technology in Education

Technology at ASFM

ASFM uses technology as a tool to enhance learning across the curriculum
Our school seeks to be an innovative leader, empowering students and teachers through progressive access to technology. Our aim is to develop responsible global citizens equipped with the critical thinking skills and technological literacy necessary to participate in the worldwide community of learners. 

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