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American Legion Award

BACH 3 / 12th Grade

The American Legion Award is given to one Grade 12/Bach 3 student for possessing the characteristics found on the page that is linked. This award is given at end of second semester.

Courage Honor grit to stand up for the right and to do one's duty, a quality of intellect and will strength and stability of character; high standards of conduct keen sense of what is right; adherence to truth and conscience
Leadership ability to lead and cooperate in accomplishing objectives through group action
Patriotism evidence of unfailing love of country and loyalty to its institutions and ideals; a desire to secure the blessings of liberty to mankind and to posterity
Scholarship scholastic achievement; evidence of industry and application in studies
Service kindliness; unselfishness; fellowship; protection of the weak: promotion of the interests and welfare of others without thought of personal reward