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At ASFM we understand that a strong, authentic, student-centered N-12 curriculum is at the very core of our school identity. Per our school’s strategic plan, we are moving forward with N-12 alignment in all subject areas to ensure that our students’ experience at ASFM prepares them with all the knowledge and 21st century skills necessary to develop as learners and caring individuals. To this end, the school’s teachers and administration constantly renew and revise our curriculum to reflect recent advances and to build upon the most advanced current thinking about preparing all students for success in college, career, and life.

The Elementary Curriculum Team

Welcome to the “World of Curriculum” here at ASFM! What a great place to be able to work, teach, learn and grow.

Abby Matthews-Herrmann (Instructional Coach for Literacy), Heather Rich (Instructional Coach for Science), Monica Garza (Spanish Coordinator), Katie O'Gorman (Instructional Coach for Mathematics), Kristy Krahl (Assistant Principal for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment), and Jenny Zuniga (Assistant to Curriculum Department)


Curriculum is our passion. Working hand-in-hand with educators to enhance the teaching and learning taking place here at ASFM is a dream come true! Whether it is through literacy, math, science, technology, physical education, music or art, making meaningful and lasting experiences happen for students is our commitment.

Our daily practice focuses attention on purposeful and deliberate instruction, promoting and modeling research-based best practices and increasing understanding of intentional teaching. In doing so, teachers are able to address the individual needs of our students based on a variety of data. In order to ensure that all of our students receive equity of access to the curriculum, grade-level teams work together with the curriculum team to develop unit plans. Working in collaboration with teachers, we strive to provide an ideal learning environment where students can reap the benefits!