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At ASFM we understand that a strong, authentic, student-centered N-12 curriculum is at the very core of our school identity. As per our school’s strategic plan, we are moving forward with N-12 alignment in all subject areas to ensure that our students’ experience at ASFM prepares them with all the knowledge and 21st century skills necessary to develop as learners and caring individuals. To this end, the school’s teachers and administration constantly renew and revise our curriculum to reflect recent advances and to build upon the most advanced current thinking about preparing all students for success in college, career, and life.

Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Ms Melanie Henning

    Ms. Melanie Henning

Welcome to MSHS at ASFM! We pride ourselves on being mission-driven and tirelessly striving to promote a values-oriented, academically rigorous program of instruction that personalizes learning for all students in an inclusive environment. We believe in constant innovation of curriculum, technology, learning spaces, and teaching practice, and as such we have adopted the Common Core for English and Math as well as the Next Generation Science Standards in our three primary content areas. Faculty and curriculum leaders are currently reviewing and adopting standards in other disciplines as part of our N-12 alignment process, unifying our curriculum through vertically-articulated learning as well as a common language and ethos. ASFM offers Advanced Placement courses for high school students as well as exciting and unique online courses through our association with Global Online Academy, and we are re-envisioning the middle school experience in conjunction with AMLE guidance. We believe in empowering student agency throughout the teaching-learning process, examining data to inform instruction not dictate it, and collaborating with each other to create a culture of coaching for all.