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Huasteca Media Center

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MSHS Library

The library is a location that supports learners of all ages. We mean to unite these learners and intentionally create the condition for collisions that lead to new trajectories and where that road takes us. We provide a wide array of events and programs to promote research and nurture a culture of literacy in our learning community.

We have an ample open space that can accommodate three full classes simultaneously. We work cooperatively with our Technology Integration Team to offer an interdisciplinary experience that encourages problem solving and blended learning. In our current facilities, we offer access to various environments including a Production Studio, Performance Area, Conference Space, Study Zone and Makerspace.

Learners can choose to use professional recording equipment, design projects, explore robotics and technology all while having access to our online & printed collection of over 20,000 titles. Based on the American Library Association (ALA) standards, our collection size is on the exemplary level. We pride ourselves in holding the biggest graphic novel collection in all Mexico!