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ASFM Educational Model

The goal of curriculum design at ASFM is to improve student learning by using current teaching methodologies based on the latest educational research.

ASFM’s curriculum is grounded in the American academic standards designed to ensure that every student is prepared for matriculation to the best international universities. ASFM has a robust Advanced Placement program that provides students access to university level coursework.  ASFM offers three diploma programs: U.S. Diploma, Mexican Bachillerato, and Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma.  The school is accredited by Cognia and by the state educational authorities in Mexico.  ASFM graduates matriculate to universities throughout North America and the world.  

At ASFM, we take a collective responsibility in supporting student growth toward essential learning at each grade level and within disciplines.  Through a culture of collaboration, data and learning we respond to students' needs and strengths so that each child can achieve their personal best.  Students work closely with a mentor teacher in our MAPPS program to build and reinforce the skills and dispositions needed to be successful.


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