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COVID-19 Community Wellbeing Policy


All employees and families are asked to read and abide by this community commitment. By continuing your employment with ASFM and/or by agreeing for your children to participate in the on campus Hybrid Learning Scenario, each employee and parent accepts the responsibilities and possible consequences within this commitment.

ASFM is committed to implementing health and safety precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our school community while prioritizing the safety of our teachers, parents, and students, as well. Our school staff will be following the recommendations of the state and federal authorities, as well as international recommendations from experts.  

We are committed to balancing the need to provide a safe school environment with students’ developmental needs to socialize and develop a love of learning so that the predominant climate of our school remains positive and stress-free.

Students represent approximately 82% of the ASFM Community, therefore, we need your help!  We can’t do it without your support. To that end,  ASFM has created this COVID-19 Community Wellbeing Policy to ensure that we are all working as a team to keep each other healthy. We have the great fortune of being a responsive, dedicated, and caring community. By following these precautions together, we can decrease the chance of transmission and keep school open to serve your family.

ASFM On Campus Safety Measures:

Out of great respect for each employee and their personal assumption of risk, we commit to the following precautionary measures:
• Daily temperature checks at the buildings entrance
• Close monitoring of symptomatic individuals
• Increased use of outdoor classroom spaces
• Social distancing (1.5 meters when feasible)
• Increased hygiene signage and hand cleaning supplies
• Teaching good hygiene techniques - especially proper hand washing routines, and the appropriate use of the facemask
• Enhanced sanitation routines
• Face coverings/masks at all times at ASFM grounds
• Non-essential visitors not permitted
• All off-campus field trips cancelled until further notice and when conditions allow
• Use of our DLP 2.0 mode for large group meetings

Family At Home Safety Measures:

The following guidance is requested for each family to the greatest extent possible. Please read and provide your consent and support.

I acknowledge and understand that participation in school activities or programs at ASFM during the COVID-19 pandemic presents certain risks beyond ASFM’s control, and which may exist regardless of whether ASFM controls or attempts to control such risks and even if ASFM exercises the utmost care in trying to prevent anyone from getting injured or sick.

To show our support and help the school community reduce the chance of transmission, our family commits to the following precautionary measures:

In public spaces, all members of our household commit to the following:     
• Increased social distancing
• Minimizing close contact conversations to less than 10-15 minutes
• Wearing face coverings/masks when social distancing measures are not available
• Monitoring for symptoms, or self-quarantine if chance of exposure
• Increase hand sanitation and specially after contact with high touch surfaces
• Hand washing during or after public activities

At home, all members of our household commit to the following:
• Monitor daily for symptoms of COVID-19: such as fever or chills, runny nose or congestion, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, sore throat, cough, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, and refrain from sending a child to school if anyone in the household has these symptoms. Daily monitoring is a crucial part of the contention strategies.
• Reporting to the school doctor when there are symptoms and/or if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in our family
• Disclosure and self-quarantine when known direct contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.
• Being mindful of travel choices, especially over long weekends or the periods before returning to school after a long break

Acknowledgement of Risk & Personal Responsibility

I/we acknowledge that I/we have freely chosen to enroll my/our child/children at American School Foundation of Monterrey A.C. (“ASFM”) for the 2020-21 school year. I/we understand that the school has taken reasonable precautions to protect parents, students, and staff from exposure to COVID-19. I/we further understand that despite those precautions there is still some risk of exposure.

I/we understand that ASFM has an insurance policy for all students with GNP (insurance company) for injuries or accidents occurring in any programs or events organized by the school, or during their presence in school premises. I/we am/are aware that this insurance does not cover any COVID-19 related expenses. Therefore, I/we accept full responsibility for all medical expenses for any injuries or exposure my family might receive by reason of my/our child’s/children’s attendance. I/we further acknowledge that my/our child’s/children’s attendance may expose my/our family to COVID-19, and I/we assume any such risk, thus releasing ASFM and all its agents from liability.

I/we also agree that by attending ASFM, our family will fully comply with all such measures out of respect for the safety and health of the teachers and larger school community. I/we agree to take all reasonable safety precautions when in public spaces outside of school.


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Hybrid Scenario
Guiding Principles





Hybrid learning scenario definition

In the ASFM Hybrid Learning Scenario, students experience a modified schedule with onsite days and offsite days and access to learning experiences both on and offline. This scenario aligns with the Mexican Secretary of Education’s initial plan for reopening schools that called for a reduction in the number of students per classroom, a rotation based on last names, physical distancing, the use of face masks and specific hygiene protocols.

Within this scenario, students will be learning “physically on campus” 2 days a week and at home in a modified “distance learning” setting the other days. Some students may be provided a possible, occasional 3rd day a week on campus on Fridays depending on their needs and circumstances. On campus learning will involve direct engagement with staff, and at home learning will involve independent, asynchronous learning for students.  ASFM believes learning should be an active, contextualized, and constructive process for students that allows them to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. We believe that learners construct knowledge through experience and social mediation and that the essential purpose of school is to provide “supportive environments rich in engagement, social interaction, and feedback.” Relationships play an essential role in every student’s school experience; these connections make us human. Accordingly, ASFM is highly motivated to continue with learning in a Hybrid mode and provide students with opportunities to learn in both an onsite environment and online in both synchronous and asynchronous modes.

The administrative teams, curriculum departments, and teachers have developed new concepts and plans that align to the Hybrid scenario.  Adapting to a new way of thinking about learning is important for all stakeholders. Professional development has focused on student ownership of learning, student agency, essential skills, viable assessment, and asynchronous / synchronous instruction.


Guiding Principles

Learning Scenarios Planning Team and Process

The realities and needs for the school year continue to be researched and developed by a team of ASFM leaders and educators and are based on best practices from around the world, trends and plans from other schools, experience from the past year in distance learning, and effective pedagogy for learners in grades nursery through 12. This team has been working on details, policies and procedures within the following areas:

  • Learning Transitions
  • Learning Design
  • Health, Legal and Safety
  • Operations

ASFM has established this planning team to maintain a re-opening strategy that allows for flexibility, transparency and prioritizes the health and safety of our community, while supporting our mission to provide a quality education to our entire community. Through regular and ongoing meetings, the team is committed to maintaining awareness of global best practice in the management of COVID-19 while providing quality education in the international school context. This team also monitors all recommendations and guidelines that come from the World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the Mexican authorities.



Students will initially be divided into two groups to allow for 50% of students to attend school each day; creating groups of approximately 10 to 14 students.  Students will be grouped by the last name with which they are registered. The specific schedule for each group can be found below in the Schedule section.  The groups are:

  • Eagles Red: Students with last names that begin with the letters A to G.
  • Eagles White: Students with the last names that begin with letters H to Z.

It is our intention to allow for all members of the same household to attend on campus learning on the same day.  If students from the same household are in different groups, please contact the divisional administration to allow for all household members to attend on campus learning on the same day. Special requests will not be considered unless the request relates to your immediate family who live within the same household.



Containment Plan

Health, safety and security are of utmost importance to ASFM and as we have stated before, we will do our best to protect the ongoing welfare and safety of our students and staff while they are on the school campus. The following statements, recommendations, expectations and/or actions are shared with you as examples of all we are doing and asking of you as a community to ensure ongoing health and safety:



Contact information
ELEM Main Office 81-50-00-44-00
ELEM Preschool 81-50-00-44-20
ELEM K-2 81-50-00-44-26
ELEM 3-5 81-50-00-44-38
MSHS Main Office 81-82-88-44-00
CASHIER 81-21-87-01-16
ATHLETICS 81-50-00-44-39
SE LIASON 81-50-00-44-41


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