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ASFM Hybrid Learning Hub

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present the most serious public health crisis the world has experienced in generations, our ASFM educators (with the wonderful help of parents) are doing an amazing job meeting the needs of our online learners from grades Nursery through 12.  As we prepare for a possible transition from our DLP 2.0 to a Hybrid Learning Scenario, we must use a pathway for reopening our campus safely with the health and wellbeing of our entire community in mind at all times. 

If and when we receive the authorization to open in a Hybrid mode, we will do so over a gradual 3 week period and in a way that meets the needs of our learners and of our community. The ASFM Hybrid Learning scenario is guided by the assumption that a vaccine will not be available for another 6-18 months, which means ASFM needs to be able to respond quickly to circumstances in its own school community as well as to conditions in Mexico. As we prepare for this possible transition to a Hybrid Learning mode, we know we may need to close it again with very little advance warning. This means ASFM must be prepared to “toggle” between different learning scenario models designed to fit a variety of circumstances and drivers.

As was clearly stated within the Roadmap 2.0, our potential transition to a Hybrid model of learning is completely dependent on the State of Nuevo Leon’s authorization and stoplight system. As we all know, based on State regulations, all schools are still under restricted conditions and as such we will need to continue with our DLP 2.0 until further notice. Only with a GREEN light from the state will we be able to begin our transition to the Hybrid Learning scenario. 

Please note that specific details of any and all parts of our Hybrid Learning Scenario are subject to change at any moment based on the decision making drivers mentioned below. 

Thank you for your trust and dedication. 

In learning, 

Dr. Michael W. Adams




JFK MUN Simulation

MUN 9 students along with some MUN 10 , MUN 11, and Secretariat members attended the Union & Peace conference which usually takes place in Querétaro.

Presuming Competence

"Instead of looking at people as having a disability, start looking at them through the lens of ability. Once you start doing that you will see the true person inside” (Paulson, 2019). 


Cruz Roja


Nuevo Amanecer


Eagles Helping Eagles