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MSHS Library Policies

The mission of the ASFM Huasteca Library is to work with students, faculty, and staff to develop critical thinking, information literate consumers and creators of information, and to develop a culture of literacy among all stakeholders in the greater school community. To this end we will provide information literacy skills instruction along with a collection of materials to implement, enrich, and support the curriculum of the American School Foundation of Monterrey and to meet the individual educational, emotional, and recreational needs of the entire ASFM community.

ASFM Library Policies - As is reflected in our mission, the guiding principles of this library are to strive to eliminate obstacles to access rather than enforce restrictions on it; to be inclusive in our practices rather than exclusive; and generally allow a sense of mutual respect among staff and patrons to inform our interpretations of policy. Patrons who act in good faith by caring for materials and using them properly and by treating the library staff, patrons, and facilities with respect will be afforded every opportunity to do so. (We like to say that our policies are written in sand rather than etched in stone, i.e., the library staff will defer to our guiding principals over rigorous policy enforcement when possible and prudent.)