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ASFM Return to Campus May/June Highlights

Dear ASFM community,

We are thrilled to confirm that the State authorities have given the green light to bring High School students back on campus as of May 31st! Although this is just one of four of our sections, we see this as a great beginning to a full return to classes, and we are hopeful that the authorities will give additional approvals very soon.

With this in mind, I would like to clarify the following adjustments to the overall Return to Campus plan that was shared with you last Friday:

  • Only High School classes will begin in a hybrid mode on campus on May 31st. The High School administration will be reaching out today to all HS students and parents with more details on their return to campus plan.
  • All other students in Preschool, Elementary School and Middle School will continue with distance learning until further notice and only with additional State authorizations.
  • The Class of 2021 Graduation ceremony will take place on campus at 6pm on June 14th. Details regarding regulations and limitations will be sent out soon to all 12th grade students and families very soon.
  • Some High School student transition activities may take place during the week of May 24th (pending additional approvals). Once we have authorization for these activities, the HS administration will send more details to the respective groups.
  • The student transition activities that were announced in last week’s Return to Campus plan for students in Preschool, Elementary and Middle School are postponed until further notice.

In learning,

Dr. Michael W. Adams

Please note that specific details of any and all parts of this plan are subject to change at any moment based on variables that are out of our control. We will do our best to execute the plan as socialized.

All families are expected to check your children before they leave the house or before you drop them off at the school for any signs of Covid-19 symptoms as the first filter in our process. Children who have Covid-19 symptoms should not be sent to school.

Guiding principles
Access & transportation
Food and nutrition

Return to Campus Schedule

Our campus is ready to receive staff and students now in May and/or June! Please be sure to review the readiness videos that were sent out earlier this semester and appear below as well as the student schedule information below.

The schedules below provides information for the students who will be on campus and any special events that may also take place in the future.  If your child is not scheduled to be on campus they will engage with distance learning as indicated. Please be on the lookout for additional information with more details in the near future.

Confirmation of student cohorts will be sent to families the week before students start on campus.



Elem Hybrid Protocol



Important guiding principles

Values matter, especially during a crisis. They allow individuals and institutions to orient themselves and set priorities quickly. They permit us to navigate confusion, turmoil, and emotion. They compel us to reflect on our relationships with, and obligations to, others. Most importantly, they inform our decisions and actions. ASFM is committed to supporting our students in an open minded, caring and global manner, empowering all students to continue to develop their individual potential in this ever-changing world and based on the following principles:

  • Act with fidelity to the School’s Mission, Vision and Core Values.
  • Prioritize student, faculty, and staff health, safety, and wellbeing over other principles.
  • Adhere to Nuevo Leon guidelines and regulations as usual.
  • Ensure hygiene- and health-related policies are research-based, clearly communicated, effectively implemented, and diligently enforced.
  • Promote practices and policies to reduce risk of virus transmission and support our capacity to be responsive and agile when facing changing health circumstances.
  • Shift back to distance learning in the event our local community experiences a major spike in COVID-19 cases and/or if we are required to do so by the authorities.  


Campus access and transportation

Access to the campus will be limited to only students and staff. Arrival to and departure from the campus will limit social interaction as much as possible. Please keep in mind the following key expectations regarding this topic:

  • Families will need to bring their own children in their household to school in their private cars driven by parents, grandparents, older siblings, or personal drivers.
  • Carpooling between families will not be permitted for the time being.
  • Cars will be permitted on campus to drop-off and pick up students at specific points.
  • Private transportation through LOGO will not be available until we feel that this service can safely resume.
  • Parents and drivers can enter the campus to drop off students and help them out of the vehicle. Parents may not guide their child to the classroom. Staff will guide students to classrooms.
  • Students who drive themselves will be required to park in the student parking lot, put on their masks prior to leaving their vehicle, and enter the sundial entrance where they will be temperature checked. 
  • Only with specific administrative appointments can we permit parents on the school premises during this end of the year period.

Open Campus Grades 10-12

ASFM will return to campus with an open campus policy for grades 10 to 12. Grade 9 students, who are included in the May 31st on campus return plan, will not be eligible for this open campus plan and policy.  Students with open campus privilege will be required to be on campus only when they have academic obligations such as class, meetings with teachers, etc.  Students in grades 10 to 12 will need to complete an open campus form signed by their parents to receive open campus authorization.  The form will be attached to the personalized letter that students will receive on Monday, May 24, 2021.

Open Campus is a privilege and requires students to maintain acceptable academic performance, attendance, road safety, and behavior.  Open campus privilege can be withdrawn by the administration either temporarily or permanently based on the criteria noted above. 

Food and Nutrition

On-site access to food for sale will not be available during the May and June end of the school year.

  • Students will need to bring a reusable water bottle and prepared food or snacks.
  • Water fountains and water refilling stations will be available.
  • We encourage healthy choices to support student nutritional needs during the day.
  • Avoid processed foods if at all possible.
  • No microwaving will be available and students will eat primarily in their assigned classrooms.

Classroom Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Temporary adjustments have been made to all classroom ventilation systems to ensure proper air ventilation and healthy environments. These temporary adjustments will not allow the cooling system to be turned on during the final months of this school year. Please make sure students dress appropriately for the warmer indoor and outdoor temperatures. Fortunately, ASFM will be working all summer to upgrade and invest in the classroom Air Conditioning and ventilation systems in preparation for August. This new system will allow for proper ventilation AND proper cooling and heating throughout the year. For more information click on the drop down menu below.


ASFM Ventilation and AC/Heating (HVAC) System