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Inclusion Column

Autism Awareness

At ASFM, we are proud to say we are inclusive. Being inclusive primarily means that we demonstrate an attitude that allows us to understand the uniqueness of each individual and their right to an education. To better appreciate differences, we need to be informed about different kinds of diversity. In alignment with our mission and vision, ASFM is joining organizations worldwide this year to celebrate Autism Awareness Day. On Monday April 3rd, the ASFM community will wear blue to represent our commitment to accepting others and advocating for inclusion.

What is Autism?
Autism is a developmental difference that affects how a person interacts with, relates to, and communicates with others. People with Autism see the world through a different lens and have a different understanding of the environment than people who are neuro-typical. Autism is defined in terms of a spectrum, which means that even though all people with Autism share certain traits, their condition will affect them in different ways. As our awareness of Autism increases, our society will have more accurate information, more understanding attitudes, and more services will be offered that respond to the specific needs of our diverse population.

This Monday, April 3rd, let’s join the world in raising awareness and celebrating Autism!

For more information, you can visit the following sites: autism awareness month (this has many kid-friendly resources!)