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Inclusion Column

Belonging at ASFM

My inclusion story is about belonging. As a new family from another country coming to ASFM a couple of years ago, we were so nervous. My husband and I worried over whether our children would make friends, even with their cultural differences. The night before our “drop off” day, I have to admit I didn’t sleep at all. By the second month at ASFM, though, my husband and I were having dinner with fellow parents, my kids were having regular playdates, and we felt like we became part of a community. Now, we’re happy to say moving here and coming to this school was a blessing.

When I hear all this talk about Inclusion at ASFM, I know it applies to all of us, just as it did to my family 2 years ago when we moved here. When we were new and different, ASFM teachers and parents were inclusive by being considerate of our background, by inviting us to meet others, and by encouraging their children to play with mine. These inclusive attitudes made all the difference.
For me and my family, Inclusion means that we belong to a community, even if our cultural background means we speak, think, and sometimes act differently than the majority; we belong at ASFM.

We are so happy to see the school going in this direction, recognizing that everyone is unique and worthy of belonging. Everyone should feel like they belong, that is Inclusion.



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