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Inclusion Column

Eagles for Inclusion

Inclusion Column by Laurie Behan, Director, N-12 Support Services

A couple of years ago, we started working on creating awareness about Inclusion as a mindset and how being inclusive is in everyone’s hands. Even though we’ve come a long way, our work is still in progress: ensuring academic success and social-emotional comfort for every student. We want you to be a part of this process. We would like you to consider:

  • What do you need from education?
  • What do you want from education?
  • What is ASFM doing to make this a reality?

This latter was the question a parent posed to me at one of last year meetings of the Inclusion Parents Focus Group. 

We need to start by saying that we all have different needs, and we are all working on something. The excellent Educators at ASFM have embraced this vision and draw on all available expertise to ensure an optimal education for every student. With SEL (social-emotional learning) the focus will be on building positive relationships and knowing every student: their needs, their hopes, and dreams.

Listening to what students want is also vitally important. Student understanding and ownership of their learning is essential to academic success. More and more, our teacher's are emphasizing the student's ability to assess their own work, recognize good quality when they see it, as well as identify what they can do to make it better. When parents are immersed in the learning of their children, and form partnerships with the school, outcomes are improved for all learners.

Thank you for choosing ASFM and consequently for choosing Inclusion. We are all Eagles. By working together, it only remains to be seen how high we can fly.