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Inclusion Column

Inclusion Message from Dr. Michael Adams
Dr Michael Adams

Dr. Martin Luther King stated very eloquently in one of his many powerful speeches, that “the time is always right to do the right thing.” This quote, which sits on a shelf in front of my desk, reminds me on a daily basis of the importance of striving for a more inclusive school, a more inclusive community, and a more inclusive world as the foundation of my role at ASFM. As a part of our annual student registration process and contractual obligations with staff, all community members agree to support ASFM’s initiative to create an open, safe and caring school environment based on respect for all members of the school community and all human beings. The community also agrees to support and respect the values of equity and diversity and avoid the detrimental effects of any form of discrimination, be it based on race, religion, gender, sexuality, physical characteristics, abilities, talents, socioeconomic status, culture, or language.

As we work hard to uphold this vision and equity statement, ASFM constantly looks for ways to not only talk the talk, but to also walk the walk. As the Superintendent of ASFM, I realize that we are far from perfect and we still have a long way to go to achieve this dream, but I also know we are working hard to provide a wide variety of inclusive opportunities to both our school community as well as the community at large in Monterrey.

Within these opportunities over the past five years, we have expanded our HOPE program, we have started an overhaul of our Values programs, we are incorporating social and emotional learning goals into our curriculum, we have initiated the RedPapaz association, we have opened our doors to a wider spectrum of learners, we have hosted the very first PowerSoccer tournament, we have launched an Eagle Parent University program, we have further diversified our staff, we have encouraged students to lead activities such as the “body image project”, we have offered multiple learning opportunities around a “Safe and Caring Community,” we have trained more than 40 teachers within an “Inclusion Badge” program, we have prepared teachers to provide tiered learning support to all students, and we have tried to place empathy and mutual respect at the forefront of all we do.

It is my hope and dream that our community will continue to work together to help everyone feel welcomed, safe, secure, and accepted. As our posters around the school state, the word “INCLUSION” starts with “I” but includes “US.” Let’s not forget this important message as we work hard to raise our children, educate our students, support our neighbor, and care for our loved ones.

In learning,

Dr. Michael W. Adams