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Inclusion Column

People that Know and use their strengths excel! What is your Superpower?

By Alejandrina Leal, Movement Teacher Nursery and PreKinder

Imagine a world where individuals discover, reveal, and use their strengths by inspiring themselves to achieve authenticity. They use diversity to innovate, connect, engage and enable a broader range of perspectives in schools and communities.
For years as a society, we’ve focused on targeting our weakness as a priority, believing that if we don’t, we would be left behind. Although knowing our struggles can be useful, and we still have to achieve certain goals, we can start by identifying what we are good at.

Powering a strength-based culture will lead to an improvement of self-esteem, lowering depression and anxiety rates. In a highly competitive society, we need differentiation underlying individual qualities that energize them to unlock their full potential, VALUING AND INCLUDING EVERYBODY. As a result, we would be developing a unique culture with higher problem-solving, driving motivation, growth, and teamwork.

As parents or teachers, we know the many areas where our kids struggle; we become experts helping them so that we leave no one behind. Almost 70% of adults in Latin America have a hard time pointing out what they are good at. We live in a society where targeting our weaknesses is more important than achieving our strengths. Even though this is useful, it’s proven that when you approach a person, student, friend, or colleague by valuing their strengths you get a connection. IN LEARNING WE NEED TO BUILD CONNECTIONS, SO LET’S SHIFT OUR MENTALITY!

Here are some steps of implementing this new way of empowerment to create a positive and high-performing culture where diverse strengths are fully leveraged and translated into results and excellence.

  1. Combine diverse strengths, skills, and knowledge into your everyday activities.
  2. Value and appreciate your own and others’ strengths.
  3. Challenge people to use their strengths in a creative and different way.
  4. Identify the two types of strengths and allocate goals in each:
    1. Character-based strengths
    2. Skill-based strengths (academic & sports)
  5. Build trust and empathy to help people get to know one another through fun recreational activities.

I invite you to maximize the qualities that energize you and acknowledge the superpower in others. DISCOVER AND DEVELOP WHAT ALREADY EXISTS INSIDE YOU TO BUILD A COMMUNITY IN WHICH WE ALL BELONG TOGETHER!