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Inclusion Column

What is Inclusion?

By Sandra Flores

“Inclusion” it is not placing students with disabilities or special needs in a general education classroom. INCLUSION means being able to adapt, incorporate, modify, accommodate and support, as a school community, all the individual needs of every child. This not only benefits students with disabilities, it also creates an environment in which ALL students, parents, and teachers have the opportunity to grow and learn from each other.

In the past it was common to hear that this school is not for everybody. We thought that special education was different; that it meant the other kids. As we are learning about Inclusion we understand that we can all learn together. We can build on positive academic and social outcomes when all children are involved.

ASFM’s Motto

“Inclusion is a mindset. It is who we are, and who we strive to be. It is the right thing to do PERIOD.”
By Lisa Friedman.

Every child is valued and deserves the same opportunities as any other child. They should be able to participate in everyday activities as if they didn’t have a disability.

The power of Inclusion is that students build friendships; they learn how to be empathetic; and that it isn’t us versus them. It creates the opportunities for everyone.

Inclusion is for parents, for teachers and for our school community. We provide the help that ALL children need to learn and participate in this school’s environment.

This is my second year working in an Inclusive classroom, at times it becomes a struggle, but the growth and the achievements will last a lifetime for us teachers as well as for all the students. Parents, students, school community, and educators working together is what will make us stronger as we become a more Inclusive School.