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Inclusion Column

What's Happening With Inclusion?

By Laurie Behan, N-12 Support Services Coordinator

Welcome back to another dynamic year of learning and growth at ASFM. I am very happy to share the Inclusion Action Plan for the upcoming year.

  1. Responsive Classroom. There are now 60 people trained in elementary and 29 in MSHS. Responsive Classroom lays the groundwork for inclusive practice in everyday classroom activities and language.
  2. Parents for Inclusion Focus Group. Going into its 3rd year, this group promotes and encourages the creation and consolidation of an inclusive mindset and culture here at ASFM. They suggest resources and practice, they question and probe, extend our understanding and troubleshoot potential pitfalls. This group will continue to meet bimonthly.
  3. International Inclusion Digital Badge. This two-year, 5-course program provides teachers and
    educators with the tools and understandings to support students with increasingly diverse needs as they enter ASFM. The course is funded and sponsored by ASFM and the Tri-Association, through the Office of Overseas Schools. The instructor for the course is internationally recognized educator and ASCD author Lee Ann Jung. Twenty educators from each campus will attend.
  4. Elementary teaching staff will continue to refine their ability to teach to the needs of each student using Small Group Instruction in Reading. This is year two of our implementation plan.
  5. This is our 3rd year offering Supplemental Educational Services (SES) at MSHS in both Reading and Mathematics.
  6. Middle School Learning Specialists will receive the same “Teaching Reading” course as the Elementary Specialists received last year.
  7. Middle School Learning Specialists will begin to plan with their grade team partners to ensure common understanding and common language to differentiate for all learners based on the principles of Universal Design for Learning.
  8. This will be the first year that we pilot the use of a social emotional screener to gauge students’ sense of wellbeing and belonging. This will help us improve in providing a safe and caring school environment for every student.
  9. In September/October all teachers will receive training from a team of school Psychologists on the role of Executive Functions in learning, and in learning challenges.
  10. In September/October all teachers will receive training in Positive Problem Solving - Working with students and parents to address learning challenges.
  11. We will continue to share our biweekly Inclusion messages from our various different authors. I hope you enjoy our different perspectives!