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Tuition Fees

Tuition 2021-2022

 Tuitions 2021 - 2022

GRADES 11 payments
Child 1
11 payments
Child 2+
N - PK 20,010 17,450
K - 5th 22,500 19,820
6th - 9th 25,510 22,880
10th - 12th 29,840 27,180
Bach 25,510 25,510
** New Registration N-12
(Fee effective on Sept. 2021)
26,170 per child
** New Registration Bach
(Fee effective on Sept. 2021)
13,780 per child


* Entrance Fee N-12 (USD)
(Fee effective on Sept. 2021)
8,910 USD per child


NOTE: Child 1 refers to the oldest child in a family between grades N-9 and 10-12 of the American program. Child 2+ refers to all other children.
*One- Time Only Payments: Only paid when you enroll your child in ASFM for the first time.
** New Registration: If the student is withdrawn from ASFM and wishes to return, this fee applies again upon arrival. (Except students paying Temporary Leave)


Tuition payments begin in August 2021 and end in June 2022. (11 payments in total)
Tuitions are paid during the first 10 days of each month. There is a Late Fee of 2.5% per month.

All fees are non-reimbursable and non-transferable.



Dear Families,

Below you will see a cost breakdown of our ambitious PCR testing program we launched on August 25, 2021. We're using a pool testing strategy that requires us to test every week. We chose to test on Mondays because the likelihood of infection on a Sunday is less than on a Friday or Saturday. The PCR test is most effective in determining positivity 12 hours after exposure. Our goal is to have a rate of transmission of below 0.5% in our school community.

The breakdown below shows how costs increase as our rate of transmission increases. The reason for this increase is that with an increase in rate of transmission, we must retest more frequently, thus driving up costs.  

PCR Testing Cost Breakdown based on positivity rate
* All school testing

  • Below or equal to 0.50%        $375.00 MXN
  • Between 0.51% and 1.00%        $404.00 MXN
  • Between 1.01% and 2.00%        $491.00 MXN

Random PCR Testing

  • $225.00 pesos weekly divided among all students enrolled at asfm tested or not

Payment Methods

  • No payment is required on-site the day of the PCR test.
  • PCR test charges will appear every Friday in your ASFM Family Account Statement.
  • These charges will correspond to the PCR test that was performed that same week.
  • Payment methods for PCR tests are the same as tuition.
  • The specific amount that will be charged every Friday, will depend on the rate of transmission that results during that week´s testing.

We've spoken a lot about "shared responsibility" as the way to have a COVID free community. The reality is that COVID is not going away; however, it is also true that COVID can be managed. So long as our transmission rate stays under 2.5% we will keep school open. If our transmission rate reaches 2.5%  we will have no choice but to close school and move learning back online. Our mission is not only to keep school open, but also to increase the number of students on campus and in class.

Together we rise.

Sincerely, George

Each week we will randomly select students from each grade level to test.
All families, even if your child is not selected, will be charged 225 pesos weekly for each student enrolled at ASFM.

This does not apply to students under the following programs:
Temporary Leave, Leave of Absence, Online Learners

 We will continue sharing the cost of the ongoing random testing program across all families.  We share in creating our protective bubble, so we must share the cost of maintaining it. We will continue, however, to test everybody after long weekends. Again, without sacrificing accuracy, we are trying to be cost conscious and deliver a secure bubble while also managing the cost.


Omicron is now present and has a greater transmission rate. There is a wider availability of vaccines. We have clear data on how our testing program is efficient at screens out asymptomatic cases, And lowering our community positivity rate.

We have strict protocols in place that have kept our community safe.



Random PCR Testing

50% Testing: $225.00 pesos weekly divided among all students enrolled at ASFM tested or not
30% Testing: $157.00 pesos weekly divided among all students enrolled at ASFM tested or not
*costs are variable upon the positivity rate and percentage of testing 

This does not apply to students under the following programs: Temporary Leave, Leave of Absence, Online Learners

All policies, protocols, and statements are subject to change at any moment. Changes to these will be updated on this website.


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