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ALUMNI Programs


University Chats


Would you be willing to answer questions and give tips and recommendations about the university you attended or are currently attending to the ASFM seniors? 
Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 contingency, many seniors couldn’t visit the university they are enrolled in for next school year. If you are open to receive a call from our seniors to nourish their decision, please fill THIS FORM.
On behalf of our seniors, thank you!

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Summer Jobs Program


Our Bach I and Bach II ASFM students are looking for jobs for this summer 2020. We understand that most probably, because of the COVID-19 contingency, these jobs can't be offered on-site, but our seniors are open to get online opportunities.
We invite ASFM Alumni willing to offer them job opportunities in their business/company to please complete  THIS FORM.
By joining this program you will help ASFM students undergo real-life experiences that will last in their lives forever and you will be encouraging the mentorship culture among the ASFM community.

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The unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 contingency has made all of us face disruption and anxiety. Many businesses are going through difficulty and uncertainty, for this reason we would like to help our Alumni community by sharing and promoting their businesses among fellow Alumni on our social media.
Please fill THIS FORM, so we can start promoting your business!
Here are Alumni businesses you where you can buy and help your fellow friends.

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