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If you are not currently enrolled at ASFM please read below.
Alumni transferring to another institution will need the following documents:

  • Kardex (in Spanish) - If applying to universities in Mexico.
  • U.S. HS Transcript (in English) - If applying abroad (outside of Mexico).


** Unofficial transcripts can be provided to students in a sealed envelope.
***Official transcripts with other confidential documents will only be sent directly to universities/institutions via certified mail
Please notice that for courier services to another country,  you must pay the cost of the shipping service (which is established in the Document Request Form) together with the cost of the transcript. If you need to send the documents requested to a destination within México you must call Mónica Martinez 8288-4400 ext 4434, so she can calculate the shipping service cost and then you can proceed to pay.

Here is the information you will need to complete the transfer payment for the transcript and the shipping service.
Beneficiary: American School Foundation of Mty A.C
CLABE: 072 580 00 120 00 44 68 5
Account: 120 00 44 68
*Add a zero before the Account number in case it doesn't seem to work.
Reference: Student ID Number + Documents Shipping
Sucursal San Agustín
** Once the payment has been made please send a copy of the receipt to to receive an invoice and be able to upload to the form.

Complete the Official Document Request Form (below) and follow the steps below depending on your request.

Don't forget to provide the shipping information on the form where your documents need to be sent:

            - Name of the contact (person or office)
            - Address (make sure it is not a P.O. BOX address)
            - Phone number of the contact

* Transcripts and other document requests from the form will be ready for pickup/courier 5 business days after you make the payment.

If you have any further questions, please send an email to


Kardex and Secretaría de Educación (SE) documents

If you are alumni and you need to request a Kardex and/or other documents related to Secretaría de Educación please contact Magda Tristan or Sandra Salazar from the SE Liaison Office in Elementary.
Magda Tristan      Tel. 81-5000-4441
Sandra Salazar           Tel. 81-5000-4440

Updated on  March 2022