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During the current contingency, the payments for this procedure have to be made via bank transfer. Please contact Mónica Martínez at to receive the proper instructions for the transfer.

If you are not currently enrolled at ASFM what you have to do is fill out the Official Document Request Form (below) and take it to the Cashier in Central Office between 8:30am-12:00pm, in order to make the payment and get the form stamped. After that you will have to bring the form to the counseling office, located in the main hall of the MSHS building, to process the order.

Please notice that if your transcript has to be sent by courier service to another country then you must pay at the Cashier the cost of the shipping service (which is established in the Document Request Form) together with the cost of the transcript. If you need to send the documents requested to a destination within México you must call Mónica Martinez 8288-4400 ext 4434, so she can calculate the shipping service cost and then you can proceed to pay.

Please don't forget to bring the shipping information to to send the documents:

- Name of the contact (person or office)
- Address (make sure is not a P.O. BOX address)
- Phone number of the contact


* Transcripts will be ready for pick up 24 hrs after you make the payment.

In case you are not able to come to do the process, you may send someone else in your place to make the payment and pick up the documents requested. Just please make sure you send an email to with the name of the person who will come to school for this purpose, so we can give him/her access at the gate.

Updated on  October 2021