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Athletics Dismissal Registration

  • This registration applies only to families with children from Nursery to Fifth Grade who will be in the Athletics Program.
  • Remember that first you need to have registered your children to the Athletics program before re filling out this dismissal form.
  • Please click below to read the Athletics Rules and Regulations

Athletics Rules and Regulations

After-School Programs Schedule

Who has to fill out the dismissal registration form?

Parents with children registered with Senda.
Parents who will be picking up their own children by car.

Which family registers for the Carpool?

Parents of the YOUNGEST child in a carpool must register the entire carpool.


What if I have children in both preschool and elementary?

You need to register your preschool children separately from your children in K-5. This is due Preschool and elementary are on two different dismissal schedules.


If I register with LOGO, will I get a carpool number?

Yes. A carpool number will be assigned. This number will start with a capital S followed by a number. This can be picked up at the school

on August 7th and 8th.


Do families have the option to pick up their child by foot?

No. The option to pick up children by foot is NOT available.


When can I pick up my carpool signs?

The carpool signs can be picked up in the Multipurpose 9:00 and 3:30 on August 7th and 8th.


What happens if my child is not registered for carpool?

Every child will be automatically registered for a carpool following August 10th. All siblings of the carpool will automatically be assigned a carpool number consisting only of immediate family members.


What happens if a family does not have a carpool sign on the first day of practices?

If a family has not picked up their carpool sign by the first day of practices, they will need to go the next day to Athletics office to receive the carpool sign. Students will wait in the end of the parking.



  1. Please select and fill out the form corresponding with the 2019-2020 GRADE LEVEL of the YOUNGEST child registered in the athletics carpool.
  2. To fill out the form, you need the Student Full Name, Student Number, and Family Number.
  3. Registration is open from July 15 to August 2.