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Athletics Registration 2021-2022

Registration for new students in 2021-2022 program

Dear parents,

Athletics registration for students who did not register in the first semester and for students who wish to combine or try another sport will take place from December 10th to January 14th.
There is no need to register again if your children are already enrolled in school he program and wish to continue in the second semester.
Provided that the health and safety protocols permit it, we will conduct individual physical and technical evaluations to all participating students to form teams in January and play in local leagues starting in February.
The first day of practice will be on Tuesday January 11th.

Please keep in mind that the practice schedules could be modified if the academic schedules have changes for the second semester. We will promptly notify you if such changes occur.
The entire Athletics staff appreciate very much the support that your families provide for your children’s participation in sports and we feel honored to have the opportunity to make a team with you all.
We wish you healthy, safe and happy holidays.
José Juan Sánchez Arias
Athletic Director


Registration Instructions

Elementary.  Registration by CARPOOL

In order to have a functional child pickup process, we kindly appreciate that you turn your attention to the following procedure:
This year we integrated registration for sports and dismissal. The procedure must be done by the parents of the YOUNGEST child in a carpool and must register the entire carpool.
They should have the following information on hand for each child:
-The name of the student
-Family number
-Number of student

Grades 6 - 12

The registration is made by family, carpool registration is not required.