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H.O.P.E. Community Outreach

Through HOPE, we strive to give students the opportunity to live our Values program, to create a sense of social awareness for those less fortunate, and to develop respect for children with different abilities.

Caring Collectors

Year-long collection of plastic caps and aluminum tabs

  • Build awareness of medical needs and their costs
  • Raise funds to pay for theses needs
1st Brigthening the Lives of Others

HOPE Activities with Destellos de Luz (Organization for the visually-impaired)


  • Raise awareness about visually-impaired people
  • Foster empathy and focus on similarities among all people
2nd We are More Alike Than Different

HOPE Activities with children with Down Syndrome

  • Raise awareness about children with Down Syndrome
  • Promote equity and coexistence among all people



3rd Everyone is Important

HOPE Activities with Casa Samuel (Organization that provides food and supplies for preschool children)


  • Raise awareness about early childhood needs
  • Organize a drive for baby food and other baby supplies
4th Everybody Smiles the Same Way

HOPE Activities with Special Olympics

  • Raise awareness about the value of leadership, as well as teamwork
5th Open Hearts

HOPE Activities with Nuevo Amanecer (Organization for children with Cerebral Palsy)

  • Foster respect, concern, and advocacy for others
  • Create a sense of social awareness