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H.O.P.E. Community Outreach

Through HOPE, we strive to give students the opportunity to live our Values program, to create a sense of social awareness for those less fortunate, and to develop respect for children with different abilities.

Caring Collectors   Students in N, PK and Kinder will collect caps and tabs to help Alianza Anticancer Infantil. Reinforce the habit of recycling N, PK AND K
Brightening the Lives of Others DESTELLOS DE LUZ
(Private Charity Association that provides comprehensive medical care to low-income people with visual problems, with the aim of preventing blindness)
Awareness workshop that includes: Talk about Braille, awareness video and an activity on visual impairment, video of student of Destellos de Luz introducing himself and sending a greeting to the children at ASFM - Raise awareness about visually-impaired people, by understanding the way people with visual problems function and how they participate in society.                                      -  Foster empathy and focus on similarities among all people    1st
We are More Alike than Different HOGA
(Organization for children's with physical disabilities)
Workshop to talk about Hoga, video and an activity about the importance of taking care of people with physical disabilities to achieve the highest degree of independence and social inclusion. - Raise awareness about children with physical disabilities                         
- Promote equity and coexistence among all people                  
- Promote the value of respect for all people
(Non-profit organization, that provides nutritious food, supplies, and education to preschool children)
Drive to collect Despensas for the community near Casa Samuel - Promote empathy and sharing among students                    
- Raise empathy and compassion, and to acknowledge the necessities of a community outside our school.
Opening possibilities, closing differences EFFETA
(Institution that provides nutritious food, supplies and education to preschool children)
Awareness workshop that includes a video and an activity about the importance of being an inclusive society that promotes positive attitudes of respect, solidarity, appreciation and tolerance towards disability, that helps to promote coexistence of every human in the same environment. - Raise awareness about children with special needs.
- Promote equity and coexistence among all people
Open Hearts NUEVO AMANECER                           
Private Charity Association that provides medical services, special education and human development to children and young people with cerebral palsy.
Video in which the students will learn about Cerebral palsy and what the students in Nuevo Amanecer do on a regular school day.  Virtual visit to INA, where challenges are going to be played by students of ASFM and INA. - Foster respect, concern, and advocacy for others
- Create a sense of social awareness                          
- Develop respect for children with different abilities.

Updated on September 2022