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Eagle Parent University

Welcome Back to School 

Welcome back, Eagles, to a New School Year! One that in my lifetime, I would have never imagined. Being an Eagle since Nursery, I have spent most of my lifetime at ASFM and would have never expected to start a school year this way, not even in my wildest dreams. Life is full of surprises, and I believe reality surpasses the imagination of the most creative Hollywood writer. 

I don’t believe much in luck, but this time around, it seems as we prepared ourselves for the challenges we are encountering as last year we unrolled the Five Core Social-Emotional CASELCompetencies. We learned how to become Self- aware by understanding our emotions and how they influence our behavior; Self-management by developing the ability to regulate these emotions and actions, such as self-regulation stress-management, and self-discipline in different situations, like the one we have been living in for the last six months; Social - Awareness, by empathizing with others. Even if we are struggling, it is easy to look up to those who struggle less, but now we know that looking down opens our hearts to people in greater need; Relationship Skills, I am sure we have come to better terms with our siblings and family members, as we spent most of our time together, valuing each other, leaving rivalry aside and uniting as a family by supporting each other to resolve conflicts; Lastly, I hope we are all making Responsible Decisions, by staying home, staying safe, taking care of our health and reflecting on the simple things of life that can bring us joy and happiness,

On the other hand, my heart is full of sorrow for those who are suffering in many ways, and I wished circumstances could be different. I am sure we are equipped with the resilience and knowledge to overcome this uncertainty and create the aftermath that will improve our quality of life. We DO have a choice, we DO make decisions, and we still DETERMINE what our future may look like, since this time around everyone counts, and it is our daily choices that will define how we want to live and overcome this situation the best way possible.

So EAGLES, don’t hesitate, you have the knowledge, tools, resilience, and mental strength to make this school year a success!!!!

With a Caring Heart and Wishing you the Best,

Gaby Maiz
Eagle Parent University Director

This summer the Gottman Institute offers the following online parenting course

Emotion Coaching

EMOTION COACHING: The heart of Parenting

A five-step method that builds emotional intelligence and creates positive, long-lasting effects for children, from toddlers to teens. Easy to learn, and used by many parents, educators, and care-givers. It supports kids through life's ups and downs. For more information, click in the link below:




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