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Open and Caring

Information Update
This event will be rescheduled as soon as we get back to school. You will receive an email with the new date. There is no need to register again, however, if you didn't register and want to attend, registration will be open. We thank all the staff members and parents that have been involved in the planning stage and hope to have a date soon to showcase ASFM's Diversity and Inclusion Culture. 

When a parent or caregiver is involved in a child’s education, the child is less likely to have behavioral problems and more likely to succeed in academic performance (Henderson and Mapp, 2002). All in This Together is the third edition of our Open and Caring Night, where families and educators come together to explore how ASFM is working on providing all students with meaningful learning opportunities, adequate challenges, and appropriate environments for them to achieve their potential.

During the keynote for this event, Dr. Humberto Alanís will lead us to reflect on cultural biases and how certain beliefs lead to discrimination or prejudice to then share The Wealth of Diversity. Afterwards, parents are invited to choose two of the various 30-minute sessions. Presentations cover different strands including Social Emotional Learning, Inclusion inside and outside the classroom, Mental Health, and skills for life among others. Each session will provide parents with meaningful and applicable takeaways.

ASFM is taking firm steps towards inclusion, and as a community, we are “All in This journey Together”. We trust that this journey and its destination will be enriching for all. Therefore, we hope that you will join us to learn more about how we are paving the road to inclusion, and what you can do to support this institutional pillar. 

Agenda for Open and Caring Night

Keynote “The Wealth of Diversity” by Dr. Humberto Alanis. 

ASFM is proud to present Dr. Alanis as our keynote speaker for Open & Carin Night. During his conference, “The Wealth of Diversity”, Dr. Alanis will address the issue of CULTURAL DIVERSITY by explaining the reasons why we discriminate and on the other hand, the advantages diversity offers. TAs he finalizes his keynote. Dr. Alanis will  lead us to reflect on diversity and inclusion so we contribute and strengthen our community.

Time: 7:45 pm - 8:30 pm 
Hosts will direct parents to their chosen workshops or presentation locations and guide them through the night. Some sessions may be presented in English only, but questions can be asked and answered in Spanish. 


8:40 - 9:10 pm Workshop #1
9:20 - 9:50 pm Workshop #2
Find workshops program below


Workshop Program

1. Parent Presentation : Embracing the Unknown

Presenter: Mariana Canales

Description: During this chat, Mariana will talk about embracing parenting challenges. She will also shed light on the importance of the messages we send to our children through the words we choose and our own behavior towards diversity and inclusion. At the end, parents will take away a message about how a  positive attitude, resilience, and caring heart can improve the quality of life of everyone who surrounds us. 

Audience: ALL ASFM Parents, Family & Friends

2. Workshop: Developing an inclusive mindset by building social awareness in our community

Presenters: Maria Fernanda Valero and Blanca Livas 

Description: Social awareness implies appreciating diversity, empathy, having an inclusive mindset, perspective taking, positive contributions and respect for others. These are essential requirements for understanding inclusion and Social-Emotional Learning in our community. Our goal is to guide attendees through a reflective process so they will become familiar with the basic terminology and experience vivid examples where differences will be valued and accepted, fading away old stereotypes and prejudices. 

Audience: Elementary Parents, Family & Friends

3. Workshop: The ABC's to children's mental health

Presenters: Rosy Saucedo and Estela Manrique

Description: Parents will be offered with the most recurrent children's mental health issues, how to identify and support them. By the end of the session, parents will take-away valuable information and observation keys to prevent, identify and support their children’s mental health.

Audience: Elementary Parents, Family & Friends

4. Workshop: Strategies to support your child's Social-emotional Development

Presenter: Karina Cesar 

Description: Karina has been a preschool teacher at ASFM for 10 years. She is passionate about educating our community on empathy, diversity, and fostering inclusive environments. She believes that Social-Emotional Learning Skills are crucial to help kids have success in school, with friends and for the rest of their lives. For these reasons, Karina incorporates SEL into her daily teaching. In this session, Karina will explain what Social-emotional Skills are and how you can support your child's social-emotional development. The session will provide you with some hands-on activities and strategies that can be applied at home. 

Audience: Elementary Parents, Family & Friends

5. Presentation:  Building Healthy Friendships    

Presenters: Misty Moore and Joy Verbon

Description: Learn the foundational skills your child needs to build healthy friendships.

Audience: Elementary Parents

6. Presentation: How Can I Help My Child Develop Self-regulation?

Presenters: Patricia Martinez and Yvett Trejo

Description: Controlling impulses and emotions, and regulating feelings and actions can be challenging for Elementary students. In this session, attendees will be provided with tools they could use with their children to help them develop self-regulation, listen to their emotions, and respond in a healthy and positive way. 

Audience: Elementary Parents

7. Workshop: Reflection to Set Social - Emotional Goals

Presenter: Mr. James King

Description: In this session. Mr. James King will go through the process of how we as Learning Specialist teachers guide students through a self-reflection process of strengths and concerns in order for students to create self-driven goals and reflect on past successes and failures. Involving students in this process allows students to choose the focus of their goals, automatically increasing buy-in and improving their attitude and augmenting their motivation .

Audience: MSHS Parents

8. Workshop: Understanding Perfectionism

Presenter: Mr. Bobby Belden

Description: Understanding different kinds of perfectionism, how students are affected, and how students can navigate a demanding world. At the end of the session, parents will take-away practical strategies to support their children at home with this topic.

Audience: MSHS Parents 

9. Presentation: Universal Design for Learning: A Parent Guide for School and Home

Presenter: Teressa Pace 

Description: This workshop is designed to educate parents on the principles of Universal Design for Learning and how it can be used in school and home. We will explore ways for students to have more agency in their learning, and how parents can advocate for their child based on their learning profile. We will also discuss Powerschool alerts, accommodations, and student action plans. Here is a link to the presentation: UDL: A Parent Guide

Audience: All Parents

10. Workshop: Meaningful Conversations

Presenters : Alejandra Cantu and Melanie Henning

Description: During this workshop parents will be introduced to "Life Scales" and how they can be used to open conversation with their teenagers about their feelings and life. They will also show different techniques and approaches to follow up these  conversations so that attendees can help guide their children in developing strategies to choose healthy practices to move forward. At the end of the session each attendee will take a Mason Jar with sentence starters to promote conversations at home. 

Audience: MSHS Parents