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Being curious about your world forces you to engage fully with it thereby making the world and the immediate community or task the priority...

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Smartphone Policy 24-25

At ASFM we believe students learn best by exchanging ideas F2F in a Socratic fashion demanding each student be fully present at all times and engaged with their classmates and teacher.

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Data Summit

We are laser focused on addressing the needs of our students in all areas-making data driven decisions keeps us focused on the right things...

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IMMUNS Secretariats

Discover the dynamic skillset cultivated at IMMUNS. From fostering an action-oriented philosophy to nurturing cross-generational learning, IMMUNS transcends traditional debate forums for UN issues.

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We can cause transformations that will appear magical but it takes a willingness to look well beyond ourselves...

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ASFM Forest

Learning more about ASFM, an initiative that has an impact on climate action, community health and well-being.

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Are You Bored?

Patience and perseverance, while severely under-rated in this age of instant gratification, might just be the answer to what is true intelligence...

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Doing Our Best

Getting involved beyond our immediate community helps us have a wider perspective and replenishes our willpower to take on even more daunting tasks...

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Purpose Driven

Everybody is focused on one goal, and that one goal is that all of our students will exceed their personal best...

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It's my job to work on behalf of the community of teachers, students and parents to enuer that they are in the best position to win...

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Our school community is not merely a group of individuals, rather we are a rich and diverse collection of life experiences, dreams, different cultural backgrounds and talents, if we weave together this tapestry guided by these words, and the definitions of these words, we will create something truly remarkable.

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Welcome Back

As you all know, we are launched in a strategic direction that calls for greater accountability in all aspects of our school life here at ASFM.

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Best Parenting Technique: Underreacting

Reading is one of the ways I create moments of contemplation - reading creates a momento to breathe, a moment to reflect, a moment to consider what might be a better option than overreacting or underreacting...

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I’ve been having difficult conversations recently about what it means to be an ASFM eagle.

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Tough Love

A member of our community sent me the following drawing as a response to my question on what painting or picture produces feelings of balance and harmony?

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Data, Counting and Balance

Last week I reported on some of the big findings in our data summit; we looked at our school from multiple perspectives and went through a careful exercise of counting.

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Data Summit

This week we are looking at our learning data across the school in each generation from Nursery to 12th grade.

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Cognitive Load

I’ve been thinking about when an action you must do eventually becomes routine. At what point does an activity or regular function stop taking up cognitive space in your brain? I wonder.

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AI, Intelligent?

Welcome back to school! I’ve been thinking about what trends might be the most impactful in education. I read Klara and the Sun over the holidays.

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Time for Reflection

Are you ready for vacation? We are. Many teachers and the administration team like to make fun of the fact that I frequently find ways of inserting my favorite quote from Cicero, “Gratitude is not only the first of the virtues but the parent of all the others.”


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