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Message from our Superintendent

Dear ASFM Community,

On the COVID testing front, you all have completed another great week by defining a new low for our PCR testing results. Remember a month ago we had over 20 pools trigger retesting, and from that point we’ve had steadily declining numbers. On Monday we found no positive COVID cases in our PCR testing pools. You are champions, and together we are building a very strong case for the government to let us dramatically increase the number of students on campus. We really are rising together!

I still need your help. As we become more convinced and comfortable that we’re doing the right thing, our attention to detail has begun to wane.  Many parents are not wearing their masks when they enter the pool testing stations. Wearing a mask must feel like a contractual agreement with the school; if you break the contract, we will be forced to direct you off campus.

Masks are interesting. Why don’t we like them? On the one hand, masks have clearly been scientifically proven to protect us against airborne germs, like COVID, and on the other hand we don’t like them, why? I think the imposition of the mask changes when you consider that by putting it on you’re serving the larger good of the community. The mask is a demonstration of our commitment to the community. Wear your mask proudly. And, by the way, we have zero cases of COVID on campus.

Last Tuesday the board of directors approved the starting of a new school-wide Strategic Planning (SP) process and committee. In the coming days we will ask you to participate in helping us define what really matters most about  ASFM. The first activity the Board did was to define what they think an ASFM graduate looks like. What are their values? What special skills might they have? What special programs might this graduate have experienced while at ASFM? We asked the board to draw a portrait of a future graduate (see some of the board drawings below). Over this next week our school administrators will engage in the same activity, and I would like it if you all joined too. Please submit your portraits, and we will create a gallery of ASFM future graduate profiles. Maybe you can do this activity with your child? How do they see themselves in the future? Have fun with this activity, and as incentive I will think up some awards for those who participate--breakfast with the Superintendent? Take a photo of your drawing and submit it. Watch this video where I talk about our first activity with the board.


Strategic Plan Kick-Off
Strategic Plan Kick-Off


As part of the Strategic Planning process we are analyzing all aspects of our school. One aspect I would like to know more about is how to best communicate with you, our ASFM community. Through which channels is getting information easiest for you, for example? We want to serve you better so please help us understand how best to communicate with you. Please complete this communication survey here:

As a final reflection, I’d like to mention that I participated in a truly wonderful event on Tuesday evening: the celebration of the Eagles of the Month (EOM). I was inspired by hearing all the wonderful stories of student achievement (link to student awardees), but what I found most exciting was the recurring theme of how much the ASFM community matters to our students. Our EOMs, to a large extent, won their awards for their unfailing leadership in prioritizing community.

Finally, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we are kicking off our sports programs on Tuesday, Oct. 5th. I feel like I’ve waited an eternity for this, but we are starting next week; yes, that means ballet is back too!

Onward, George