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Message from our Superintendent

Dear Fellow Eagles,

George Stewart

Earlier this week I launched the narrative of  “shared responsibility” for keeping our community safe as the key to reopening school for preliminary activities on Monday, August 9. At first I was worried that people would be upset by the imposition of having to get tested for COVID over the weekend, but instead I received the opposite response. You have embraced the challenge to get tested. I have received word that there are even ASFM communities setting up their own testing centers in order to make getting a COVID test easier; I’m so impressed. I love the ASFM community! 

As you know, our human interdependence is a fundamental truth and a basic law of nature--we are all connected, and we need each other to survive. If there’s one lesson the pandemic has taught us, it is that it’s not enough to just take care of ourselves; we must also take care of our neighbors as well as to encourage them to meet high standards for staying healthy in these COVID times. With that in mind, get tested. Follow the COVID protocols. We look forward to welcoming you this week and remember...Together we rise!