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Message from the Superintendent

Thanksgiving Travel

In an effort to ensure that ASFMers travel safely our communications department has curated the following articles:

The Holidays and COVID-19: How to Stay Safe
How to fly safer this holiday season
Here are a few COVID-19 tips to gather safely for Thanksgiving this year

If you are not a regular reader of The Skimm, then I encourage you to sign up. It provides a great summary of daily current events in the U.S., but also abroad, and it is written in a fun and engaging style. Of course, a hometown favorite for me is the Boston Globe. As I write this note to you I’m headed home to Boston to see my family (don’t worry, back on Sunday!).

Because a few of our ASFM community continue to struggle to put on their masks properly, we put together this helpful video: dog mask video.


In my last letter I argued that Thanksgiving really should not be the only occasion during the year where we demonstrate our gratitude. On the contrary, let’s agree that practicing gratitude everyday makes us wiser, stronger and healthier as well as helps to lift the spirits of those around us. Together we rise!

Finally, on a lighter note, I sneaked up on a group of young travelers today at the Monterrey airport, and I can confidently say  they all were doing an excellent job wearing their masks!

Be safe.

Onward, George