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Message from the Superintendent

Los Tigres

Once I knew I would be moving to Monterrey I began to ask for advice about what life would be like as the new Superintendent of ASFM. Of course the Board, Parent Association, teachers, administration and a long list of constituencies offered a lot of helpful advice. There was one topic that almost always came up no matter which group I was talking to: the school is divided with half in favor of the Los Rayados and the other half in favor of Los Tigres.  The advice of almost everybody was that I should not choose a team.

Los Tigres


As you all know in an unlikely turn of events, Los Tigres won in extra time the first of their two game series. The second game is this Saturday. This is exciting no matter which team you support. Yesterday I visited the 6th and 7th grade playground during lunch recess to get help on this question of whether or not I can cheer for Los Tigres and not risk losing my Rayados friends. At first the 6th grade thought I could not be both a Tigres fan and a Rayados fan, but when I asked whether a Regio would cheer for a team outside of Monterrey, they were resolute that I would have to cheer for the hometown team. In short, this Saturday we are all Tigres fans--the 6th and 7th grade have given us their permission! Last night I dreamed of a Gignac  golazo to win the game.
One of our mantras for this year is “We strengthen the connection between mind and body.” I can’t help but think that the Tigres teach a powerful lesson on what it took to win on Wednesday night. They had the mental fortitude to overcome the discomfort they felt in their bodies. Performing at a high level requires discomfort whether it’s in a soccer game or in math class. Go Tigres!
On Monday we recorded no positive cases of COVID. We are a healthy community. Still as I write this, let’s be mindful not to feel too confident. The new Omicron variant is wreaking havoc all over the world, and hospital beds are beginning to fill up.  I cancelled the in-person version of our ASFM staff Christmas posada in favor of having it online because it would be irresponsible of me to bring 500 people together.  Let’s not get complacent. Avoid large gatherings and follow best practices for reducing the risk of getting COVID. Due to the variant we are making Monday, January 10 a day where we will PCR test every student. January 10 is also a Professional Development day for teachers, thus there will be no classes. (Review the yearly calendar here for testing dates)
We get a lot of questions about whether we are testing enough of our population in order to have a relevant sample as we monitor the viral load of our campus. A relevant sample of a campus population of our size would be roughly 400 people. We are testing at least 1200. Testing alone can not ensure safety.  We also need to continue other mitigation measures--most importantly, wearing our masks! We also get a lot of questions regarding the probability of being asked to test more than once. It feels unfair to families to be asked to test week over week. “Why?” they ask. We always respond by saying it’s just the laws of probability.
Try this exercise that will not only help demonstrate probability but will also reduce traffic. Every morning just before you leave home, flip a coin. If you get heads, take Alfonso Reyes. If you get tails, take the Morones Prieto. What do you expect your results to be? You would expect varied results. Maybe Monday you’ll get the Alfonso route, then Tuesday Morones. Morones again on Wednesday, back to Alfonso on Thursday, and at the end of the week you’d be back to Morones. Sounds reasonable? For most of you, this probably would be the case. But the math behind this tells a different story for a small portion of the community. Ready for some statistics and probability? Go here to see the regression charts and what your route to school would actually look like. In short, trust us, we are choosing randomly!
I will be going to the school play, Cut, this weekend. Frankly, I can’t wait. As COVID behaves we will be adding school wide events by bringing back ASOMEX tournaments. Last night in the ASOMEX Directors’ meeting we voted to bring back tournament play; ASFM will host our first tournament in February. I will be forthcoming with more details after Christmas.
Finally, please give a shout out to our students, teachers and parents who will be spending Saturday and Sunday working to build 10 homes through the Techo program. We have over 100 students signed up to do this important work. Thank you, team Techo!