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Florenne Santarelli

Florenne Santarelli

Florenne Santarelli holds a BA degree in Organizational Psychology from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Florenne comes from a multicultural background having been born in Mexico, and raised abroad in both the United States and France.  She joined Colegio el Roble in 2015 in a Human Resources position, responsible for overseeing the improvement and implementation of procedures. She then transitioned to Coordinator of after-school-activities. In 2017, she joined ASFM in the Office of Innovation and Learning. Florenne has been a key participant in operating numerous events such as the 90 Year Anniversary and the TRI Association Conference hosted at ASFM.  For several years, she led the implementation of the Live Curious, Go Beyond Conference.  Since summer 2021, in addition to her primary responsibilities, Florenne has coordinated the ASFM COVID-19 Testing Program.

Florenne has excelled in her current role which requires her to engage with staff, parents, and the community.  These experiences have prepared her for the additional  responsibilities as CPL Coordinator.  Florenne is excited about all the things the CPL can provide for students and is looking forward to developing a program that supports students in achieving their personal best. Florenne builds close and meaningful working relationships as the foundation to deliver strong results.  She is fully committed to ASFM, to our students and to our staff.