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Message from our Superintendent

La Copa

Dear ASFM Community,

This weekend I’m off to Atlanta for a teacher hiring fair, and as we enter the cycle of hiring for the next school year, I’m mindful and appreciative of the hard work that our current teachers are doing to bring new and improved learning experiences to our students. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to two of our Spanish teachers in ELEM, Vero Diaz and Ale Garza.

Ale & Vero

Vero has been working here for 14 years and is now the Academic Head of grades 3-5. Ale has been at ASFM for 13 years and in addition to teaching, is the Head of Grade 4. Vero and Ale are working to align the Spanish curriculum with Common Core Standards which places increased emphasis on skills. The SEP Spanish curriculum does not require a focus on skills, and as our students are learning in English, we must be strategic about ensuring our students’ command of Spanish grammar and oral expression. In addition, Ale and Vero want our students to have a solid understanding of Mexican history and culture and, most importantly, to love and feel proud of their language.

Thank you, Ale and Vero for your work!

In Ale’s words:
“Hago esto para mejorar la experiencia de aprendizaje en nuestros alumnos y que puedan sentirse orgullosos de sus orígenes y desarrollen el gusto por la clase de Español.”

In Vero’s words:
“Estoy trabajando en el currículo para tener un impacto en nuestros alumnos y que logren un desarrollo integral en su formación, viendo la forma de mejorar la experiencia de aprendizaje en los salones.”

ASFM focuses on continuous improvement. I’m grateful these two teachers are improving our Spanish curriculum. The story of these teachers’ work is a reminder that the adults in our children’s lives are the real curriculum. The only real limits of education are the limits of adults–parents and teachers. Pushing ourselves to grow as we push our students is the work of everyday.

La Copa Mundial

Are you having fun watching the Copa Mundial?

Ronaldo & Messi

Which team have you picked to go all the way? I have mixed feelings about having the tournament in Qatar: too hot, too far away, no beer. But seeing stars such as Messi, Ronaldo, and Modric perform in what will probably be their last Copa is exciting. I feel sorry for Benzema who got injured just before the tournament. The Messi–Ronaldo rivalry brings an extra dimension to the tournament, and their contrasting styles add intrigue. They both have over 700 goals, and they are two of the most decorated footballers, having won a combined 71 major trophies and having regularly broken the 50-goal barrier in a single season.

I wonder what might be a comparable rivalry for these two? Their personalities are contrasting: "reserved" (Messi), "temperamental" (Ronaldo). What would a comparable sports rivalry be? Muhammed Ali-Joe Frazier (boxing) Borg-McEnroe, Federer-Nadal (tennis)?  Many years ago I took a soccer team I was coaching to Rosario, Argentina to train in the Jorge Griffa soccer school. While there, my family got to meet Messi. One of the players on our team asked Messi to sign his cleats. This same student later buried those cleats in our soccer field back in Massachusetts for good luck. I don’t remember whether our season ended with more wins, but my aging players now love to tell that story!

I’m grateful for the Copa Mundial and the excitement it brings to our lives, and I’m grateful for the work of our teachers who strive to make sure our students are ready to take on future competitions successfully.

Onward, George

PS My favorite quote this week:
"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves." - William Arthur Ward