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Life Starts With Food Book Club


Welcome to the ‘Life Starts With Food Book Club’, an online Food Services and Nutrition initiative to learn and reflect about nutrition, wellbeing, and health.
This is Maria, ASFM’s Food Services and Nutrition Coordinator, and I’m so happy you decided to start this journey with me. 

At the beginning of each month we will share the name of the book selection and some additional information about the author. As we advance on the reading, we will share some of the most interesting parts of the book.  

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the book and/or any book recommendation you have. Please feel free to send us an email here

We are thrilled to have you!!
-       LSWF Book Club

October Book Choice

It’s no surprise these past months have been really challenging for everyone. We’ve experienced all kind of situations; from having important plans cancelled, having our routine turned 180°, missing friends and family members or struggling with work or school, just to name a few. Change has been a constant variable in our day to day, no wonder why uncertainty around us has had the best of us at times. All of us have been tested in different ways, and we’ve prevailed, we’re here with a bunch of lessons learned, great number of memories that we’ll cherish for years and endurance that will stay with us forever. It’s been during these challenging times that I’ve had the chance to contemplate what really makes us happy and the role each of us play in achieving happiness.

Lately most of our conversations and meetings have to do with COVID-19, that is why this month’s reading was a no-brainer, our first book choice is The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living. This book is an easy read, a little guide full of advice and ideas that you can incorporate into your own life. Hope you enjoy the reading! 

Keep safe everyone. 

The Little Book of HYGGE. Danish Secrets to Happy Living

You can find the book on Amazon, here.
Author: Meik Wiking
About the author:
Meik Wiking is CEO of The Happiness Research Institute, a New York Times bestselling author and an international speaker. Meik has been called The Indiana Jones of Smiles. If you want to learn more about Meik’s work click here

September book