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After-School Programs

As a part of our school’s Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan, we would like to share our Online After School programs for the Fall of 2020: Athletics and Ballet. The Eagle Academy Program will not be offered on the Fall of 2020.

Athletics Program for Nursery to Grade 12 (Online program for the Fall of 2020)

The Athletics program offers a great opportunity for students to share the school values and mission, have fun with classmates and teammates, join a team and give their best effort as they strive for sportsmanship and achievement. And most of all, the Athletics program allows student athletes to enjoy a learning experience linked to school values and the Eagle Way. We look forward to seeing every student at ASFM involved in Athletics in the upcoming school year. 


Ballet Program for Nursery to Grade 12 (Online program for the Fall of 2020)

The ASFM After-School Ballet Program is proud to kick-off a new year of enriching our students’ academic and artistic lives with our very own ballet program. Being our students’ holistic development our priority, we strive to develop in them a love for the arts, providing a place where they can explore music, movement and creativity, while experiencing a whole curriculum that enhances their artistic, academic, motor, expression, socio-emotional, cognitive, and dance skills. 


Eagle Academy for Kindergarten to Grade 5 (Not available for the Fall of 2020)

ASFM is proud to bring back our after-school programs now proudly named Eagle Academy. These programs are differentiated according to various grade levels ranging from Kinder to Grade 5. Teachers and Educational Assistants offer a wide variety of classes that might just match the interests of children. Some are linked to creativity and others to performance. All are linked to learning! We hope that you take a few moments to review these with your children for consideration. Whatever you might choose, we hope you consider opening your mind to something new to learn and experience.