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Ambassador Program - MSHS

As a Middle School Ambassador, your key role is to help personalize the transition of new and returning students to the ASFM community by providing them with a welcoming introduction to the school, and to the city of Monterrey. You will be providing information and assistance to these students and will be paired up with a "buddy" to help make their transition smooth and comfortable. While we have a strong focus on welcoming these new students to our school, the Middle School Ambassadors are also students whom all other students and teachers can count on and trust to help their classrooms, hallways, and school feel like a welcoming and positive place to be!

School Ambassadors Selection Criteria

The process of choosing Student Ambassadors at ASFM is very selective. There are always more students who apply to be an Ambassador than we have spots for. As a result, we must balance the many personal qualities that individuals bring with the need to form a well-rounded "team" that represents our entire school population including gender, ethnic background, experiences personality and more.

Individual Criteria

  • Maturity, Commitment, Reliability, Faculty Recommendation
  • Some degree of outgoingness, Leadership qualities & empathy towards others
  • A genuine understanding of transition for new students and the difficulties included

Group Criteria

  • Multi-gender (balance of boys and girls)
  • Multi-cultural
  • Multi-experiential
  • Variety of personalities
  • Goal of 6-8 students per grade (varies depending on how many Student Ambassadors are needed, and on the quality of the applications.)
The selection will be based on all of the above criteria and students will be notified before the end of the school year whether or not they will be Ambassadors for the upcoming August. Students who are not selected are invited to participate in the varied activities done throughout and may reapply next year.

Teacher Advisor: Ms Tania Tiquet