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Business Club - High School

Business Club

What do we do?

  • We discuss and understand different economic decisions made around the world, both at the political and corporate levels and analyze how they impact us.
  • We learn how the stock market works, it crashes and recoveries and why or how does a single stock rise or fall.
  • Finally we establish a virtual stock exchange game in order to put to the best our stock analyzing abilities.

Our Mission Statement

We believe that business and economic interaction and knowledge are vital to thrive in today's world. Although past unseen many choices people make are related to an economic policy.
But a smart economist is nothing if he has not the leadership required to connect with the public, their employees, etc. Therefore we believe an influential figure will not only be intelligent, he or she will also be a leader amongst others.

Having established the above our foremost goal is to develop strong entrepreneur leaders for tomorrow by establishing the business concept at ASFM in a way such that students teach each other in order to develop and master intellectual as well as leadership skills.