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Drop off and Dismissal Procedures

We are very excited to kick off this new school year and fill our hallways and classrooms with our students once again. In order for our student body to flood back into our campus in the smoothest way possible, please review the new procedures.

Entrance/Drop-off Procedure

Gates open at 7:15am


Please note that: 

*All gates will open at 7:15am

*If you are dropping off MSHS students only, either enter through gate 4 or enter through gate 3 and use light blue lane.

*If your carpool includes at least one N/PK student you must enter through gate 2 and use the pink route for drop off.

*STAFF entering through gate 3 please use middle lane between HOV and Orange lane.


Dismissal/Pick-up Procedure

All gates will open 30 min prior to dismissal time. Please do not arrive before this time as you will not be allowed to park/wait on the street.



Please note that:

*If you are only picking up MSHS students enter through gate 4 and pick up students on MSHS student parking lot side.

EXTENDED LEARNING Dismissal/Pick Up Procedure



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