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Eye & Ear Screening

ASFM and the Green Team Committee will soon offer vision and hearing screenings for students in grades Nursery through 12th Grade.


  • Elementary Screening dates: No scheduled dates at the moment
  • MSHS Screening dates: No scheduled dates at the moment
  • Registration dates: No scheduled dates at the moment





About the Program

Vision and hearing tests are recommended to be carried out periodically because they are closely linked to the learning process.

Detecting problems at a young age can support the development of language, communication, learning and socialization of children. Vision and hearing undergo many changes during childhood and adolescence.

The eye exams will be conducted by the Ophthalmologist Dr. Andrea Rangel Padilla and Dr. Maria Teresa Rodriguez Neira associates of Dr. Juan Homar Paez. The hearing tests will be conducted by Dr. Diego Eduardo Cavazos von Loesecke and Dr. Valeria Kristal Santillan Alonso, who work in Dr. León Héctor Flores Aguirre's office.

These tests are not a school requirement, but they are recommended so that early detection of vision or hearing problems can be prevented. It is a screening-program designed to detect vision and/or hearing alterations that are potentially more serious. It is important to mention that if a problem is detected with your child, you can choose the audiologist or ophthalmologist of your choice for follow up.