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Fixed Fire Suppression System

A fixed fire suppression system is a system permanently installed consisting of alarms, sprinklers, hoses, hydrants and extinguishing agents (water). ASFM’s system will be used to protect learning and common spaces throughout ELEM and MSHS buildings.

Our current fire alarm system warns people when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other fire-related emergencies are detected. We have in place fire extinguishers in order to contain smaller incidents and our new fire suppression system will effectively release water through sprinklers in order to control and extinguish any potential considerable fires.

In terms of a financial CAPEX investment this is the biggest project we have undertaken in the last years. Our Board, directors and administrators have taken responsibility, are meeting expectations and are going beyond in order to make this project come to reality.

Fire Prevention System


  • Provide an extra layer of protection for students and staff against fire hazards.
  • Reduced insurance costs and a reduced risk of damage to ASFM’s facilities in case of a fire.
  • Complement to our current fire alarm system.
  • Comply with the authorities regulations.

Where We Are - Project Timeline

  • 2018 - NOM-009-SEGOB-2015 which establishes the minimum viable measures for prevention and mitigation of risks in educational facilities comes into force.  
  • 2019 - ASFM requested and underwent an assessment from an external consultancy specialized in safety regulations.
  • 2020 - Based on the recommendations from the assessment, ASFM started a bidding process in order to assign a company with the due expertise and experience in developing fire system projects.
  • 2021 - Together with the selected provider an executive project was developed in order to meet the required measurements established by local authorities (Protección Civil and STPS) and international authorities (NFPA).
  • 2022 - After a bidding process, ASFM started with the construction of the pump room and reservoir tank room as well as the assignation of the contract for a provider to install the infrastructure and equipment for the system within the buildings.
  • 2023 -  The Fire Suppression System will be in place by May 2023 (projected date).

Our Project Plan

To take responsibility and meet expectations more than ever we need to work together in order to achieve the goals and projected finish date of this project. Our project plan is stated below:

Building area / wing floor expected start expected finish completion
elem Main Hallway / Main Office 1st Floor Oct. 27, 2022 Nov. 17, 2022 Completed
ELEM Main Hallway / Arts / Cafeteria 1st Floor Oct. 31, 2022 Nov. 21, 2022 Completed
ELEM Gym & Mini Gym / Multipurpose / Afterschool / Food Services & Liaison Office 1st Floor Oct. 24, 2022 Nov. 20, 2022 Completed
ELEM Nursery 1st Floor Oct. 12, 2022 Oct. 26, 2022 Completed


PreKinder 1st Floor Sep. 22, 2022 Oct. 22, 2022 Completed
ELEM Kinder 1st Floor Sep. 9, 2022 Oct. 1, 2022 Completed
ELEM 1st Grade 1st Floor Sep. 29, 2022 Oct. 8, 2022 Completed
ELEM Library 2nd Floor Dec. 5, 2022 Dec. 19, 2022 Completed
ELEM Hallway 2nd Floor Dec. 21, 2022 Jan. 4, 2023 On schedule
ELEM Projection Room / TLC Offices 2nd Floor Nov. 21, 2022 Dec. 5, 2022 Completed
ELEM 2nd Grade 2nd Floor Dec. 6, 2022 Dec. 20, 2022 Completed
ELEM 3rd Grade 2nd Floor Nov. 18, 2022 Dec. 2, 2022 Completed

4th Grade

2nd Floor Oct. 24. 2022 Nov. 7, 2022 Completed
ELEM 5th Grade 2nd Floor Nov. 8, 2022 Nov. 18, 2022 Completed
MSHS Main Office / Wellness Center / Auditorium / Choir & Band Room /Blackbox / Library 1st Floor Feb. 16, 2023 Mar. 21, 2023 On schedule
MSHS Gymnasium /PE & Afterschool / Weight Room 1st Floor Jan. 25, 2023 Feb. 15, 2023 On schedule
MSHS Cafeteria / Audiovisual / Production  Studio 1st Floor Feb. 16, 2023 Mar. 21, 2023 On schedule
MSHS A-Wing 1st Floor Feb. 13, 2023 Feb. 27, 2023 On schedule
MSHS B-Wing 1st Floor Jan. 30, 2023 Feb. 15, 2023 On schedule
MSHS C-Wing 1st Floor Jan. 23, 2023 Feb. 3, 2023 On schedule
MSHS D-Wing 1st Floor Jan. 9, 2023 Jan. 24,2023 In Progress
MSHS Soundbooth & Control Room Auditorium 2nd Floor Jun. 20, 2023 May 8, 2023 On schedule
MSHS A-Wing 2nd Floor Apr. 20, 2023 May 4, 2023 On schedule
MSHS B-Wing 2nd Floor Apr. 5, 2023 Apr 19, 2023 On schedule
MSHS C-Wing 2nd Floor Mar. 21, 2023 Apr. 4, 2023 On schedule
MSHS D-Wing 2nd Floor Jan. 04, 2023 Jan. 31, 2023 On schedule


Our Commitment

Take Responsibility
Keep ASFM’s community informed about any relevant information, changes or delays in the project plan or possible inconveniences we might encounter during the execution of the project.

Meet Expectations
Assure the quality and compliance for the infrastructure being delivered, manufactured and installed within campus.
Ensuring that the project is on time, on budget and within the established scope.

Go Beyond
Schedule the work on “non-working hours” during the week and on extended schedules during the weekend in order to keep the impact on school activities as low as possible.

We Need Your Help!

Take Responsibility

  • Note the weeks that this project will impact your spaces. Plan accordingly: store properly any valuable items at the end of each day, plan accordingly your work agenda.
  • Report any inconvenience using the appropriate channels here.

Meet Expectations
Make the necessary arrangements in order to make sure that your area is clear by the scheduled dates and work times.

Go Beyond
In terms of safety share with students and parents  the benefits  this project will have for ASFM’s community. Be an ambassador of this project, raise awareness of the importance of this investment for our school.


What to Expect?

The supplier’s crew will be working from Monday through Friday between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM, as well as during the weekends between 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM to make this happen. The steps below describe the process to be followed within each of the spaces:

Step 1 - Measurements (Day 0 to Day 4): Some of the ceiling tiles will be removed in order to verify and map out the trajectory of the pipelines for each of the spaces.

Step 2 - Manufacturing (Day 5 to Day 9): Most of the manufacturing work will be held inside the workshop we have enabled in ELEM’s parking lot. Some of the work will involve returning to the spaces and removing additional ceiling tiles including drilling and systems fastening.

Step 3 - Installation (Day 10 to Day 15): The pipelines will be installed within each space, the ceiling tiles will be put back into place.




By October 17, we will be appointing an internal construction resident which will be following up side-by-side the execution process with the provider. Please be aware that as the provider works during the evening and night shift issues regarding the cleanliness of the classrooms may emerge, in order to address this inconveniences we will be shifting the schedule for some of the elements in our Maintenance staff to provide a quicker reaction time for this.
In order to point out any inconveniences during the process please use the following approved report form:


The information that must be included in the report is the following:

  • Location
  • Description of the Inconvenience
  • Photographic Evidence

We will address the reports as soon as possible.


Our Provider


Aqua Jaker was chosen through a bidding process on which the criteria involved the value proposition as well as previous successful relationships with ASFM. Since 2004, Aqua Jaker has been providing modern, comprehensive solutions and services to meet fire protection needs of their clients. They have worked diligently providing high quality solutions and implementing important projects for institutions such as UANL, Del Sol, Kalos, Iberdrola, among others…
Monterrey, Nuevo León
Installation of Storage Tanks, Installation of Water Treatment Plants, Fire Fighting Systems, Water Purifiers, Drinking Fountains, Coolers, Softeners, Filters, Pumping Equipment, and Water Treatment Plants


Updated on January 13, 2023