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Temporary Leave Information

School Services

Elementary Students

ASFM prides itself on the educational methodologies and practices that it uses with its students, therefore temporary leaves are not encouraged. It is our responsibility to ensure that each child is in a position to be successful at ASFM. For this reason, we wish to make informed decisions regarding any request to study at a different institution.

ASFM’s definition of planned temporary leave is an enrolled student being granted permission to study outside of Monterrey for up to one school year. Other leaves are reviewed on a case by case basis. A temporary leave is granted to a child if she or he meets the criteria set by the school. Temporary Leave is granted to a family of a child due to unique circumstances that are beyond his/her control.

Read the Temporary Leave Procedure for Elementary


MSHS Students

It is an exciting decision whether or not to study away for a year during Middle School or High School. Students and families need to weigh the pros and cons of temporarily living and studying away from ASFM, friends, and family.

The MSHS Counselors are here to help you in the difficult process, including making the decision to go on Temporary Leave, choosing a school to study, applying, and finally preparing to go. Please see the Temporary Leave Packet and review it carefully as there is important information that will help you in this process. We are happy to help you in any way that you need. Best of luck to you with this exciting decision!


MSHS Counselors

Ms. Tania Tiquet
Counselor (6 & 8)

Dr. Tere González
Counselor (7 & 9)
Ms. Silvia Venegas
Counselor (10, 11 & 12)
Last names (A-G)
Ms. Sierra Anderson
Counselor (10, 11 & 12)
Last names (H-Z)