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2021 Yearbook Photo Process for Students

Hello ASFM Community!

We want to announce that we WILL produce a yearbook for this school year, however we need your help to make it happen!

The deadline to submit the photos will be the 5th of March

Due to the circumstances, the yearbook will be different from other years. The pictures of every student won't be taken by a professional photography company. Each family will be in charge of taking the pictures of their children individually and sending them to the teacher of each student via Gmail (see table below).

students in Grades SUBMIT PHOTO TO:
Nursery 5th Grade Homeroom Teacher Gmail
6th-8th Grade Community Time Teacher Gmail
9th-12th Grade Access Teacher Gmail

The pictures should be taken with the phone or camera of your choice in a vertical fashion, with lighting from the side (from a window) and a plain, pale-colored background with no patterns (wearing the school uniform is not necessary). We will give you 2 weeks to submit the photos. For how to take the pictures and how to submit them, here is a video explanation…







Share your Distance Learning Photos!

Regarding the special sections of the yearbook such as sports and events, we ARE going to make these sections but we need your help. We would appreciate if you can send pictures of any of the following (if applicable) in order to be featured in the yearbook: Sports at home, Clubs, New workspace, Covid fashion, Teaching/learning in a remote place (quarantine location), Covid birthdays, New ways of fun, Covid outdoor activities, the new weekend, and any other interesting photos we could feature in the yearbook; submit them in the following survey:  (You need a Gmail email address to fill out the form, if you don't have one, please submit your photos to*The best pictures will be featured in the yearbook.*

Thank you!
Yearbook Staff



Yearbook photo


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