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After-School Athletics Program

We are happy to be returning to full time face to face instruction, and engaging in a more active lifestyle once again. Current studies reveal the integral role that sports play in the development of all students and our need to recover from our more sedentary lives in response to COVID.
In our efforts to further strengthen the connection between mind and body, we have been working over the summer to restructure the after-school athletic program. Our changes will provide opportunities to further support student-athletes towards:
● robust competitive athletic experiences
● dynamic, engaging learning experiences
● becoming responsible, disciplined, independent, lifelong learners
● developing a sense of teamwork
● developing responsible leadership

To elevate the role of physical activity at ASFM, the restructured program is built around a new practice schedule that provides increased options for student-athletes as well as increased practice time to develop their athletic skills as well as compete more successfully. Creating multiple schedule options for students to choose from will allow for greater choice as well as for the opportunity to engage in multiple activities. Providing daily practice time for students will pave the way for improved performance.

In this structure students will have the option to continue to engage in athletics free of charge. All students will have the opportunity to participate in 5 frequencies per week in sports with NO cost. If students decide to participate in extra frequencies by attending multiple schedules, they will be charged in the following manner:
3 extra frequencies = $500 pesos a month
5 extra frequencies = $850 pesos a month

These charges will appear at the end of the semester in your child’s account and are non- refundable.

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