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Conference "Coping with Frustration"
Conference "Coping with Frustration"

Conference "Coping with Frustration"

On Tuesday, November 28th, ASFM welcomed Dr. Jesus Amaya to our auditorium Guillermo Zambrano. Dr. Amaya presented the conference "Coping with Frustration" to ASFM parents, staff members, 8th - 12th grade students, and extended the invitation to leaders from EPU's alliance with Red PaPaz. During the conference, Dr. Amaya shared with us the following recommendations:

1) Let your children make mistakes so they can become resilient adults.
2) Give them the opportunity to choose their own friends based on their interests and family values.
3) Embrace diversity, so your children can be exposed to different perspectives and learn to adapt themselves to different environments.
4) Children need to be encouraged to adapt their behavior to different environments (family and school expectations)
5) Don't overprotect your children, give them the opportunity to become problem solvers. This will lead them to become independent adults.
6) Teach by example, our children look up their parents as leaders.

We hope you can all benefit from Dr. Amaya's recommendations and we are looking forward to his next visit. Lastly, we want to thank MSHS Values volunteer moms and our alliance with Legado Educativo UDEM for their support with this event.

With a Caring Heart,

Gaby Maiz
Eagle Parent University Coordinator

Coping with Frustration

Coping with Frustration