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Food Service Provider Changes

Food Service Provider Changes

Dear ASFM Community,

After a thorough review of the current Food Service Provider at ASFM and after informal and formal surveys and focus group sessions with our community, a bidding process was conducted to determine who would be the next Food Provider for ASFM as of August, 2019. The bidding process that started back in November, 2018 included Food Service companies who have had past experience with either school and/or industrial cafeterias. The bidding and selection process included the following elements:

  • Review of written proposals, reference letters, and costs
  • Reference checks with past clients
  • Personal presentations by four finalists with associated stakeholders surveys
  • Survey data analysis

Four finalists were asked to present their company, their services, their experience, and their thoughts about food service management to a large panel of ASFM stakeholders that included our Food Service Coordinator, the PTA executive team, High School Student council representatives, administrators, staff members, and a School Board representative.

The following variables were taken into consideration as a final choice was made:

  • Positive experience in Mexico at similar type schools
  • Positive references from current and/or past schools
  • Capability to manage a school the size of ASFM in terms of staffing, stability, experience, financial health, knowledge, etc.
  • Pricing of products

After this thorough process, the school has decided to assign VMP Alimentos as our next food service provider. This final decision was presented to and approved by the ASFM School Board at the May 27th Board meeting.

We are very thankful for your involvement and feedback regarding this topic and we are very hopeful that this upcoming transition will be smooth and will lead to an improved food service that better meets our needs as an ASFM community.

In learning,

Dr. Michael W. Adams