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The ASFM Annual Giving Campaign and Fund is aimed at creating a long-lasting culture of giving through a tradition of parents, alumni and friends taking direct responsibility for the School’s continued success. We want to keep inspiring dreams! 

The Annual Giving Campaign was established with the purpose of bringing extra income to the School’s budget and allowing for certain projects to be offered that would otherwise not have become a reality. Donations to the Annual Fund go towards the realization of these new projects. The projects must be completed in a 8-12 month time frame following the end of the Annual Giving Campaign.

Edge of Excellence projects proposed for the Annual Giving Campaign are chosen each year based on a survey from ASFM community, the school’s strategic needs, and the overall needs of student learning. These projects are also developed as a way to further aid in the advancement of ASFM’s mission and vision.

Thanks to the generosity from many donors to our Annual Giving Campaigns, eight new state-of-the-art spaces have been added to ASFM since the beginning of this initiative!

The Annual Giving Campaign is a 6-week long effort by the community and for the community that is led by a team of ASFM Parents and the Alumni and Development office. The 2019-2020 campaign will take place from October 1st to November 15th, 2019.

If you want to know more about the campaign, please contact Marcela C. de la Garza Evia

We are positive that being a part of this wonderful campaign will fill you with Eagle pride and satisfaction.

The following three new projects will be funded by the 2019-2020 Annual Giving Campaign:

Solar Roof ELEM Basketball Court

External roofing of the ELEM basketball courts that provides shading while at the same time turns sunlight into electricity to help reduce our carbon footprint.


Technology Yes Lab MSHS

State-of-the-art informational technology center that promotes blended learning and 21st century skills and development.


Third Eco Patio MSHS

Outdoor patio areas that combine  natural landscaping with educational facilities.