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2017 - 2018 Annual Giving Campaign Results

For the second year in a row our Annual Giving Campaign was a great success! Thanks to the campaign leadership team and the generosity and love to the school of all the donors, we were able to collect 11.9M pesos.

Three new state-of-the-art spaces were added to ASFM in August / September of 2018, making a total of eight Edge of Excellence projects in two years of campaigning.

The following projects were funded by the 2017 Annual Giving Campaign:


  • Business Incubator - A flexible work space for students, teachers and alumni to connect, collaborate, mentor and develop ideas into products and/or services.
  • Eco Patios - Outdoor patio areas that combine natural landscaping with educational facilities.
  • Sensory Motor Gym - An educational space that provides personalized sensory input and promotes cognitive development by increasing brain function in fun ways.

These projects will give our students additional opportunities to grow and develop in a more innovative, educational environment and the chance to be launched from an advantageous platform into the real world.






2016 - 2017 Annual Giving Campaign Results

The Annual Giving Campaign for 2016 was a great success. We were able to collect 11.5M pesos thanks to the leadership team of the Campaign, the commitment of the PGAs, and the generosity and love to the school of all the donors. WIth the five Edge of Excellence campaign projects, ASFM students now have more opportunities to grow and develop in the areas of creativity, critical thinking, cooperation, problem solving, and overall innovative learning.

The following five Edge of Excellence projects were funded by the 2016 Annual Giving Campaign:

  • Flexible Learning Space - A multidisciplinary space, configured in a number of ways to facilitate modern learning methods.
  • Creative Play Space - An enhanced playground with natural landscaping where kids can explore, create, and play.
  • Maker Pod - A workshop where students and teachers bring ideas to reality through the constructing of tangible prototypes using real-world materials and tools.
  • Amphitheater - An outdoor theater for all kinds of school presentations and celebrations.
  • STEM Lab - A state of the art laboratory where students can learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.